FL CD-23 fundraising update and candidate’s absentee mailer review

We have fundraising updates on all the CD-23 candidates and my review of three different mailers sent to me by Republicans.

My home is in CD-23, and having written and designed hundreds of political mailers myself, I pay careful attention to every piece of political mail I get.

Including myself, three Republican super voters in my house vote by mail and have already received their ballots.

With larger and larger numbers of voters voting by mail, it is critical for campaigns to “chase absentees.”

Chasing absentees is what political operatives call hitting a voter with a mailer before or within four-eight hours of the voter receiving their absentee ballot.

A good absentee operation is critical to any campaign.

We received mailers from Joe Budd, Jim Pruden, and Darlene Swaffar, and while I’m not endorsing anyone in particular, if a candidate doesn’t chase absentees, they’re not worth your time, money, or emotion. They either lack the money or the knowledge to run a good campaign.

Budd’s mailer was marginally the best. He sent a well-designed professional foldout mail piece.

Swaffer’s mailer wasn’t as professional looking as Budd’s. The graphics were somewhat amateurish, but that’s not always a bad look, and many voters don’t bother to open foldouts. Swaffar’s front cover flag imagery is compelling to Republican primary voters.

I don’t understand why Jim Pruden sent out a cramped 6 x 4 postcard when he has the most cash on hand. It isn’t good, and I almost didn’t notice his postcard at first, and I’m specifically checking the mail for political pieces. Regular voters probably won’t give it a second look.

Maybe Pruden thinks his recent endorsement by the Palm Beach Post matters in a Republican primary, but as I wrote yesterday, Crybaby Palm Beach Post whines because Republicans won’t talk to them that may lose him votes.

One of these three will win the nomination.

Our fundraising numbers for all the candidates are from the Federal Election Commission website and are as of June 30, the last reporting date for which numbers are available.

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As for the Democrats, the Palm Beach Post endorsed Jared Moskowitz, which does matter in the Democratic Party, although Ben Sorensen is giving Moskowitz a run for his money. Hava Holzhauer could have a shot running up the middle against two guys. Unlikely, but the Democrats do love their identity politics. I wouldn’t count her out.

All the candidates better watch out, though. NPA Christine Scott had nine cents on hand as per the FEC. A few handfuls of change, and she could smoke ’em all.

Ya gotta love NPA’s for their passion, if not their finances.

Editor’s note: In the original post, Christine Scott’s last name was mistakenly listed as Miller.

Congressional District 23


James “Jim” Pruden

Qualified 06/13/22

Receipts: $224,133.76
Cash on Hand: $181,331.37

Joe Budd

Qualified 06/13/22

Receipts: $103,786.46
Cash on Hand: $20,048.81

Darlene Swaffar

Qualified 06/13/22
Receipts:  $221,994.37

Cash on Hand: $18,817.13

Cristy McLaughlin

Qualified 06/14/22

Receipts: $25,146.00
Cash on Hand: $1,902.71

Myles Perrone
Qualified 06/17/22


Receipts: $10,500.00

Cash on Hand: $60.00

Ira Weinstein

Qualified 06/15/22

Receipts: $0.00
Cash on Hand: $0.00

Steven Chess 

Qualified 06/13/22

No listing at FEC


Jared Moskowitz 

Qualified 06/13/22

Receipts: $1,106,029.90
Cash on Hand: $616,121.07

Ben Sorensen

Qualified 06/15/22

Receipts: $549,883.00
Cash on Hand: $483,230.75

Hava Holzhauer

Qualified 06/13/22

Receipts: $169,475.98
Cash on Hand: $69,973.68

Michael “Mike” Trout 

Qualified 06/16/22


Receipts: $11,380.52

Cash on Hand: $10,875.55

Allen Ellison

Qualified 06/17/22


Receipts: $11,473.00

Cash on Hand: $1,902.71

Michaelangelo Collins Hamilton – Qualified 06/13/22
Receipts: $10,869.99
Cash on Hand: $234.57

No Party Affiliation

Mark Napier

Qualified 06/13/22

Receipts: $19,859.82
Cash on Hand: $462.18

Christine Scott 

Qualified 06/13/22

Receipts: $1,099.62
Cash on Hand: $.09

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