Fetterman the Slob Introduces Joe Biden, Talks Gibberish

John Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat Senator, known more for being a 6’8 slob, who resembles a poorly dressed, bald version of Lurch from the Adams Family than for any serious policy initiatives, introduced President Joe Biden in complete gibberish during a briefing on the I-95 repair efforts in Philadelphia on Saturday. 

Dem Senator John Fetterman, the slob, forgoing his signature black hoodie in favor of an ill-fitting blue hoodie, introduces President Joe Biden in nonsensical gibberish.

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According to the Gateway Pundit;

A portion of the northbound lanes on Interstate-95 (I-95) collapsed early Sunday morning following an explosion caused by a burning tanker truck, Philadelphia city officials announced. President Joe Biden traveled to Philadelphia on Saturday to tour the collapsed highway.

The tanker truck reportedly caught fire underneath the I-95 overpass in a tragic incident that led to a portion of the busy highway crumbling.

The Gateway Pundit notes that;

Joe Biden wasted no time traveling to the site of the collapsed highway in Philly but still hasn’t visited East Palestine to tour the damage done by the train derailment.

Senator John Fetterman was dressed as a slob as he joined Joe Biden at a press conference. Still, instead of wearing his signature ill-fitting black hoodie, he made a special effort. He wore a blue hoodie, probably as a virtue signaling statement to his audience, to show he’s one of them, “down-to-earth,” a left-wing progressive. Shame on Fetterman for thinking that voters are stupid enough not to see that he’s just a poser.

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Fetterman spoke complete gibberish as he praised Joe Biden. 

“[Biden] is here to commit to work with the governor and the delegadation to make sure that we get this fixed quick, fast, as well, too. This is a president that is committed to infructure, yeah, and then on top of that the jewel kind of a law of the infration.” ~Senator John Fetterman

If you can’t understand this, fear not, I’m sure President Joe Biden understood it as the two political putzes speak the same language of lunacy. 

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