Facebook, Instagram Threaten to Permanently Ban Project Veritas

Facebook and Instagram threaten to ban Project Veritas from their websites after censoring one of their videos. The footage showed one of the nonprofit’s operatives confronting YouTube’s Vice President of Global Trust and Safety about why a different Project Veritas video had been removed from the platforms.

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Project Veritas has recently garnered a lot of attention for its undercover footage of a Pfizer executive discussing experiments his company is conducting on coronaviruses. The executive, Jordon Trishtan Walker, allegedly works in research and development and claimed Pfizer was using “directed evolution” to mutate COVID-19 in order to create new vaccines. Further footage showed Walker claiming that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was affecting women’s health but being uncertain why.

“I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line. I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body… because it has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles.”

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YouTube quickly removed footage of the Pfizer executive from its platform and applied a “strike” to Project Veritas’s account. The group was also prohibited from posting new videos for a week. Three strikes result in a permanent ban from the platform. The video had 800,000 views before its removal.

According to Project Veritas, a YouTube employee later leaked an “Urgent Guidance” memo. The document claims that the video violated the site’s COVID-19 policy for suggesting that the Pfizer vaccines may not have been as effective as promised.

On Friday, Project Veritas shared a video of their journalists confronting a YouTube executive about the removal of their video. The executive, Matt Halprin, tried to walk away from the reporters, threatening to call the police if they continued to follow him.

“How much is Pfizer paying you to run cover for them,” reporter Chris Hartsock asked. “Is YouTube brought to us by Pfizer?”

Both owned by the parent company Meta, Facebook and Instagram removed that video from their platforms.

“We have these standards because we want everyone to feel safe, respected, and welcome,” the company said in a statement to Project Veritas. “You can disagree with the decision if you think we got it wrong.”

When asked for specifics, Meta said the video had been struck from their sites for “harassment and abuse.”

“[We] do not allow content that could lead to identity theft or put someone at risk of physical or financial harm.”

Meta also issued a warning to Project Veritas,

“If your content goes against our Community Standards again, your account may be restricted or disabled.”

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Project Veritas is no stranger to censorship from Big Tech. The group was banned from Twitter in 2021 after one of its videos showed Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen admitting to “freezing comments” on his site to “protect the election.” Their account was later reinstated after Elon Musk purchased the platform.

Later in 2021, Facebook removed the video from Project Veritas showing health workers discussing the lack of reporting on adverse reactions from the COVID-19 vaccine.

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