Ex-Inmate ‘Viking’- ‘School Shooters’ & ‘Child Molesters’ Tortured in Prison

An ex-prison inmate known only as Viking has revealed how different types of criminals are treated in prison based on their crimes – from ‘school shooters’ who are brutally ‘tortured beyond means’ to ‘child molesters’ who are sometimes beaten to death.

The convict, who hasn’t shared his name online but goes by his nickname, Viking, from Florida, has gained more than 569,000 followers on TikTok for sharing what he says life is like behind bars.

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Viking spent three years in juvenile detention and six years in prison for burglary of a dwelling, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and three counts of possessing a controlled substance without prescription.

Since getting out of prison, he’s turned his life around and started his own vitamin and wellness company Viking Mindset.


Viking recently went to TikTok and opened up about what happens to ‘school shooters’ when they’re in jail, and according to him, they are mercilessly tormented by the guards and other convicts.

In the video with more than 19.5 million views, he explained that he crossed paths with three different school shooters while in prison.

He claimed the men were often sexually assaulted by other convicts – and that ‘officers would spit in their food’ and even add stuff to their meals to make them sick purposely.

‘They would get tortured beyond means. They had it rough,’ he revealed. ‘In prison, when you kill a kid, you get no remorse, people don’t give you the benefit of the doubt, you’re just pure evil.

‘Evil finds evil and makes more evil. That’s exactly what happened to them.’

In another video, Viking spoke out about how ‘molesters and predators’ are treated, and he said they, too, are ‘tortured.’

He said inmates’ band together when it comes to ‘protecting women and children.’

‘It doesn’t matter your color, your creed, your race, your religion, your gang, what you believe in and don’t believe in – if you hurt an innocent one in those types of ways, you will get dealt with,’ he said.

‘I’ve seen inmates stabbing other inmates and officers throwing inmates off the top floor, gassing them in the showers. Some of the worst s*** you can imagine happens in prison.’

While the people with more severe rap sheets are certainly treated the worst, Viking explained that everyone in prison has to deal with rough living conditions.

He revealed: ‘Guards put you in a cell with your worst enemy, and they have you fight for 15 minutes while they gamble on you.

‘They put you in the shower with scalding hot water on your back and pepper spray you until you collapse.

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‘They starve you. In the winter, they put the exhaust fans on to pull in the cold air. Then when they put the heaters on, they put pepper spray in the heaters.

‘In the summer, when it’s 101 degrees, they put the heaters on in your cell. And if they find you with your window open, they come in, gas you, and beat the s*** out of you. It’s horrific.’

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