Everyone Say Cheese – It’s Gouda For You

Cheese has long been associated with being a guilty comfort food. It’s fattening, and it’s even said to contain addictive properties because it contains casein, which, simply put, breaks down into a type of peptide that can bind to opioid receptors in the brain in a similar manner to opioids. Though the idea of cheese being addictive in the same way as drugs is debatable, it sure feels addictive to to those of us who can’t get enough of it, but for those of us who eat cheese pretty much every single day and refuse to stop eating it, Florida Jolt is here to give you the best news ever, it turns out that cheese is good for you and all of the pizza lovers out there, the healthiest one is mozzarella. 

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According to the NY Post,

A large-scale study of 2.3 million people conducted by a team of researchers from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine found that mental well-being is the single most important contributor to healthy aging and longevity. However, researchers also noted a strong connection to cheese consumption. The study, led by Professor Tian-Ge Wang, also suggested that happy people live longer, independent of socioeconomic status.

If that seems like a no-brainer, bring on the Stilton. The same study found that those who reported the most robust mental health and stress resilience levels seemed to eat more cheese.

Using 33 factors to connect mental health to physical aging, researchers found that while cheese was not directly responsible for longevity, a higher intake of cheese and fruit was a standout contributor to high well-being scores. Those who reported consuming camembert and the like had a 3.67% positive impact on those healthy aging factors.

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Bring on the mozzarella string cheese sticks. According to Dr. Cheng-Han Chen, a board-certified interventional cardiologist, mozzarella is the healthiest cheese for your heart because it tends to be lower in saturated fat and sodium than other cheeses. It’s a great source of protein and calcium, and it contains probiotics, which are good for gut and immune health. But, like everything else, cheese should be consumed in moderation. 

So next time you want something good that contributes to long-term mental health and happiness, make yourself a delicious fruit and cheese plate and enjoy.

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