Every Seat Should Have Term Limits. Boca Raton, You Must Vote March 14th Against Longer Terms

Boca Raton residents, three of your city council members voted to waste 250K of your money to extend their terms in office by one year. Currently, city council members have two consecutive terms. Each term is three years. Mayor Scott Singer, who leads this charge, feels Boca needs him for another year in office. If this goes through, he will serve as the mayor of Boca for a decade. 

It doesn’t matter whether or not Mayor Singer or any of the city council are doing a good or bad job in office. The arguments that Singer and his gang are using to extend terms are lame. If they wanted credibility, they would have put this charter amendment on the ballot to start when the next city council members were elected after the current ones were out of office. Be skeptical whenever a law has a personal benefit that doesn’t help many others. This is just self-serving; clearly, two of the five city council members see this the same way since they voted against it. 

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The residents need to worry about the following this current council who are voted in. When a politician does what you consider a good job, you’re happy they’re in office. If not, this could be four years of torment. At the local level, it can be brutal. Ask your friends in other Florida areas; you’re sure to meet someone who tells you about how they couldn’t get a building permit because they had a personal problem with one of their elected officials. These offices can be filled with money-grubbing, power-hungry dictators in the wrong hands. Shorter terms mean getting them out more quickly; six years is plenty of time to serve at that level.

One argument favoring shorter terms is that they promote greater accountability and responsiveness among elected officials. When officials are limited to serving a shorter period in office, they are more likely to be mindful of the needs and concerns of their constituents and less likely to become complacent or disconnected from the realities of their communities.

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Another argument is that shorter terms can help prevent the accumulation of too much power and influence by individual politicians. Shorter terms mean you’re less likely to have someone in office bought and paid for. 

Shorter terms help ensure that elected officials remain focused on their duties rather than becoming preoccupied with maintaining power or pursuing personal agendas. This can help promote a more efficient and effective government and reduce the risk of corruption or abuse of power.

Overall, the argument for shorter terms is the same as for term limits. Limits help promote greater accountability and responsiveness and prevent the accumulation of too much power.

Make sure you vote NO on March 14, residents of Boca. Send the message that Boca Raton says no to this manipulative power grab. 

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