Eskamani tries to cancel DeSantis, gets gang tackled by Markowicz, Pushaw, & Rubin

Florida Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando drew the ire of conservative Twitter yesterday after attempting to shame an Orlando venue in to canceling an event headlined by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and conservative political commentator Dave Rubin.

After Tweeting that she was ‘disappointed’ in the Plaza Live, she was dressed down by DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw, reporter Karol Markowicz and Rubin himself.

Next week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and conservative political commentator Dave Rubin plan to jointly host an event in Orlando.  The event is a part of Rubin’s tour for his newly released book titled ‘Don’t Burn This Country,’ which focuses on creeping authoritarianism in the United States facilitated by cancel culture.

Eskamani Rubin Desantis

Without a hint of irony, Eskamani attempted to cancel the venue hosting the event.

Markowicz was the first to respond, pointing out that Eskamani’s attempt to pressure the venue in to canceling the event was a violation of the 1st amendment.

Democrats claim to represent marginalized groups like African-Americans and the LGBT community, but are quick to engage in homophobic and racist attacks against black or LGBT people when they are conservative.  Pushaw weighed in on the debate, saying that Eskamani’s attempt to ‘gatekeep’ who is allowed to speak in the LGBT community is a bad look.

After Markowicz and Pushaw pushed back against Eskamani’s Tweet, Rubin jumped in to the fray, offering her front row seats at his event with Governor DeSantis.

The Representative seemed more interested in self-promotion than having a dialogue with DeSantis or Rubin.  She returned to him with a counter-offer, only agreeing to attend the event if she could get a spot on stage and have friendly media livestream it.

Rubin has not responded to her counter-offer, but he did respond to a picture of him and his husband at ‘noted white supremacist’ Candace Owens wedding.

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