Eric Adams Wants to Pay New Yorkers to Let Migrants Live With Them

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has proposed paying people to put migrants in their residences. 

For those who thought it was awful when they found out that the historic Roosevelt Hotel was going to become a place to house migrants, now they may end up having migrants living in the same building, possibly on the same floor that they do, and that’s a little to close to home for some homeowners. 

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Democrats throughout the city, though, can rejoice by finally showing how much they care about others by sharing their homes with strangers from foreign lands. But lest anyone worry about New York residents being taken advantage of, fear not. Mayor Adams wants to pay for the privilege of using your home to take care of the migrant crisis the city is dealing with. 

According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, NIMBY is a colloquialism signifying one’s opposition to locating something undesirable in one’s neighborhood. NIMBYS are people who say ‘not in my backyard.’ New York is loaded with bleeding-heart liberals who want to help everyone, and now they may be getting their chance.

In a desperate attempt to explain his position, Mayor Adams told the NY Post that;

“There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms. They have locales,” the mayor said, arguing his private residence proposal could “put money back in the pockets of taxpayers. ”

He went on to say that;

“It’s cheaper and a good investment for us to go to a family and assist them instead of placing people in large congregate settings or in these emergency hotels. ”

Others are pretty vocal about their opposition to this mayor’s idea. 

“It would be absolute bedlam,” Park Slope resident Zainab Jah told the NY Post.

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Her partner, Tim Naylor, who has owned their townhouse for 24 years, added that migrants shouldn’t be getting a “free ride” when many New Yorkers “cannot afford a decent place of their own.”

“Even if it was worth it to homeowners, the city shouldn’t be spending our money on that kind of crap. You have enough New Yorkers who can barely afford to live,” he said.

“Before you know it, we’re going to get flooded with even more migrants.”

Tom Harriman, who owns his condo in Park Slope, also weighed in on Adams’ latest migrant proposal, insisting the plan “seems really strange.”

“Who are these people? What are the housing conditions?” the 77-year-old retiree said.

He suggested the mayor was all talk, adding: “It’s all sound bites, but you don’t find details.”

Harriman may be right, as Mayor Adams does not seem to have gotten all of the details together for this half-baked plan, as evidenced by this nonsensical rant;

“We’re trying to navigate all the rules of how to get it done,” he said when pressed for further details. “There are many layers to how someone can use their space. We want to make sure that we follow all the rules, and those rules that need to be changed within my power, we will push to do so. If there are rules that need to be changed on the state level, we’re going to reach out to our state colleagues to do so.”

NYC is in crisis right now. The NY Post has a two-page daily column called “Border Crisis” devoted to discussing the issue. The city currently houses 45,900 asylum seekers in the 157 emergency sites across the five boroughs.

Roughly 2,200 migrants arrived at city shelters in the last week alone, according to City Hall. 

Gracie Mansion, the official residence of New York’s mayor, has many rooms. Maybe Mayor Adams should lead by example and fill up the joint with as many migrants as possible, but you know he won’t. New York has a serious problem that is now out of control. “Just take them in, and we’ll give you money” isn’t the solution. 

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