‘Enough is Enough’: Florida Music Educators Cancel Preschooler Trans Presentation

The Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) canceled a presentation from transgender activists that promoted modern gender theory to preschoolers. The session was entitled “Just Gender: Pathways to Inclusivity in Elementary School,” but the session was canceled at the last second.



FMEA is a non-profit founded in 1943. While its purpose is to“promote quality, comprehensive music education” in the state of Florida, its website also indicates the company’s other focus:  celebrating “gender identity and expression, sexual orientation… of all music educators and students.”

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The group’s annual January conference is one of the largest music education professional development events in the United States, drawing more than 10,000 attendees.

This was where the session presented by trans activists description was intended to take place. a description of the event read ” “we will use the resources shared in our session to demonstrate the need for gender inclusion in Pre-K and elementary school settings.” However, Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, codified last year, prohibits classroom instruction on gender identity or sexual orientation for children in third grade and below, likely stopping the session.

One of the planned session hosts, both of whom claim to be “transgender nonbinary.” One of the presenters going by “Queen,” wrote a Facebook post disparaging the decision and calling for action.

Queen claimed the school made a “cowardly decision” and gave into pressure, presumably from concerned parents and dissenters, who Queen called “horrible bullies.

Queen also called for those upset by the cancellation to fax the FMEA office and boycott with signs promoting children’s involvement in modern gender theory.

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“Sign ideas could be, “I got up early to attend Just Gender, but FMEA canceled,” “tr@ns kids exist,” “tr@ns kids belong in Florida Music rooms” etc.”

In a September 2022 Article from the National Association of Music Educators (NAFME), the two planned presenters even promoted schools keeping students’ gender confusion a secret from parents.

“When you keep a student’s transgender status private, you are not removing parents from the picture: We are fulfilling our responsibility as teachers to keep our students safe, and sometimes even alive.”

The same article recommends not using gendered language such as “ladies and gentlemen” and instructs teachers to “Believe” (meaning affirm) gender confusion in children.

Another session from the 2023 conference, which was not canceled, was titled “Start from Where You’re At: A Trans Music Educator’s Perspective on Gender Inclusivity.” Its survival may be due to the fact it was directed at instructors, not children, escaping the restrictions of Florida law. The presentation encouraged instructors to “introduce yourself with your pronouns”,  “ask students to write about themselves in the third person,” and to allow male students to wear dresses and female students to wear tuxedos.

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