English Woman Obsessed With Serial Killers Guilty of Stabbing Boyfriend to Death With Celtic Dagger

Shaye Groves, 27, of Havant, England, was found guilty of murdering her boyfriend by stabbing him 22 times with a Celtic dagger last July. The guilty verdict came down after a five-week trial in Winchester Crown Court.

Groves was obsessed with serial killers and had posters of Rose West, an English Serial Killer who collaborated with her husband Fred in the torture and murder of at least ten women in their Gloucestershire home between 1973 and 1987 before being caught.

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Shaye Groves

Florida’s Ted Bundy was also displayed on her wall of fame, along with Jeffrey Dahmer and others.

Groves immersed herself in true crime documentaries and books, which she used to create an alibi and portray herself as a victim who only defended herself when she killed Frankie Fitzgerald.

Prosecutors say that Groves flew into a jealous rage after discovering Fitzgerald had been messaging a 13-year-old girl on Facebook and then proceeded to take a Celtic dagger from her ‘decorative’ knife collection that she had displayed in a coffin-shaped bookcase, slit his throat, and stab him 22 times while he was asleep, finally plunging the dagger into his heart to stop the “bubbling noise” as he was dying, according to the local Portsmouth paper The News.

After Fitzgerald died with “catastrophic” blood loss, Groves began to concoct a “false alibi” constructed from ideas she had picked up from watching true crime documentaries, The Telegraph reports.

The prosecution told the court that groves tried to “cover her ass” by sending a message to a friend, Vikki Baitup, that Fitzgerald had left their home after a row despite his body being wrapped up in a blanket and garbage bags in her room at the time.

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Groves later video-called her friend, admitted to the murder, and giggled as she told Baitup that her boyfriend was “suicidal anyway” and that “it was all right, they’ll just assume he has gone off and committed suicide.”

When that alibi didn’t work, Groves changed her story again once in court, trying to convince the jury that she had killed Fitzgerald in self-defense, claiming that instead of being asleep, she attacked him after he pinned her to the bed after an argument.

During the trial, prosecutor Steven Perian, KC (King’s Counsel), questioned the self-defense narrative: “If the killing was in self-defense, why go about setting such an elaborate false alibi for yourself? Why didn’t she call the police immediately? Why did she clean up the crime scene? Why did she move the body?

“It was a cunning ploy — nothing was affecting her mind at that time.”

Groves later admitted at the court: “I lost control for a second… longer than a second, to be honest. It was over in a matter of seconds.”

The court also heard of her apparent fixation with serial killers, having posters of the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Rose West on her wall,

“The defendant had many gangster books, like Charles Bronson, and has serial killer pictures in frames on her wall and watches murder documentaries,” the prosecutor said.

“The Crown says by reading about and watching these; she was familiar with a crime scene, how to create a false narrative, and how to create a false alibi.”

Responding to the conviction, the family of Fitzgerald, a father of one, said, “As a parent, you never expect to outlive your children. You will do anything in your power to protect them. Frankie was our baby, the youngest of five children; he can never be replaced.

“He was a kind and beautiful person and sadly leaves two children behind that will never get to know their daddy. We thank the jury for their verdict today. To our Frankie, we love and miss you more than anything in this world. Your shining light will always be in our hearts.”

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Groves will be sentenced for the murder next week.

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