Eloquent Asian-American Student Shreds Affirmative Action on ABC News

An Asian-American student used a speaking opportunity on ABC News, a left-wing legacy media outlet, to attack the racist diversity quotas in college admissions, known colloquially as “affirmative action.”

The student, Alex Shei, said to smug-looking ABC host David Muir:

I think that this whole business – when we’re deciding based on race at least, as a factor, that sort of assumes that all people of a certain race are sort of monolithic, that minorities are monolithic. And I know that for Asian Americans, sort of the way that we are perceived is hard-working, no charisma, no character, and you see that in the Harvard case. You’ll see that that’s how they view Asian Americans. They see us sort of as bland, as sort of lacking character. And I think that happens when you view us first and foremost as a certain race.”

Affirmative action, which frequently saw equally or better performing White and Asian Americans sidelined in favor of other minorities, was overturned in a 6-3 supreme court decision on Thursday.

The liberal justices decried the ruling, with newcomer Ketanji Brown Jackson arguing that it was equivalent to saying “let them eat cake” – a quote falsely attributed to Marie Antoinette of France, who is claimed to have said it while French peasants – who obviously couldn’t afford cake – were starving.

Onlookers were confused by the bizarre analogy.

Jackson’s statement, which was widely criticized by analysts for its basis in ideology rather than constitutional law, argued that “ignoring race just makes it matter more.”

“Justice Jackson: a direct beneficiary of affirmative action and a walking testimony showing people living within and outside of the USA, what a good piece of work the SCOTUS has done today. The decision represents the universal desire for merit and fairness, and it stands tall and strong if placed in any other part of the world.” ~@RubyDuan on Twitter

The other members of the Liberal bloc, Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, offered similar remarks that were devoid of any legal argument. Justice Sotomayor would call the ruling an unjustified “exercise of power.”

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Shei, an incoming student to Ivy League Brown University, argued that colleges should focus on the opportunities one had and their utilization of them rather than race.

We should flip [affirmative action] around, and view our individual characteristics regardless of what race we are, first and foremost… you can look at recommendation letters, there are so many other things you can look at… in that process, you have so much data… I think that information actually gives you knowledge of the student’s situation and what advantages or disadvantages that he might have in life. Because any student of any race at an underfunded school district won’t necessarily have the same opportunities at a highly funded school district… how they were able to make the most of that is not something that requires you to look at race.”

Though several high-profile universities would unveil plans to subvert the ruling, the conservative court majority has, at least on paper, ended race-based college admissions, citing it as a violation of the 14th Amendment.

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