Elon Musk Reigning in Censorship of Trans Critical Tweets, Oversees 261 Percent Reduction

Twitter CEO Elon Musk appears to be steadily reigning in rampant transgender censorship on his social media platform, according to data acquired from the Media Research Center. Despite attempts by his employees to impede his self-proclaimed dedication to “free speech,” Musk has fired or scared off dozens of would-be “resistance” members – resulting in a massive 261 percent reduction in transgender-related censorship on the platform.

The world’s richest man acquired the massive social media company in April 2022, quickly receiving backlash for promising a return to the limited free speech that had all but disappeared off the platform since the 2016 presidential election. Despite backlash and devastating advertiser boycotts, Musk has been, barring a few exceptions, steadfast in his devotion to freedom of thought and discussion on the platform.

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Twitter Head of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin, who effectively acted as a moderator for the site, oversaw an unforgiving censoring of anything that could be perceived as anti-transgender or opposed to the ideology that underlies it. Censorship watchdog group “Media Research Center” compiled a report on censorship from before Musk acquired Twitter to now, showing that Irwin participated in a massive crackdown on dissidents and worked on the cover-up of a possibly violent “trans day of vengeance” event after the new CEO took over.

“Big Tech has been targeting content that refuses to affirm the unreality of so-called ‘transgender’ ideology for some time. Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, claimed his platform allows the public to control the narrative. MRC Free Speech America’s research shows Twitter is in fact censoring more… [MRC] tallied at least 21,471,808 times secondhand censorship harmed users by keeping them from content related to so-called “transgenderism” in the first quarter of 2023… significantly higher than the number of transgender-related secondhand censorship for Q1 2022, which previously showed the highest numbers for that category.”

According to the organization, there was a more than 134 percent increase in censorship from the first quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023 – well after Musk’s takeover. Following a policy change in which “deadnaming,” or using a transgender person’s pre-transition name, and “misgendering” were removed from bannable offenses by the billionaire, Head of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin resigned. The censorship of dissident voices plummeted from 142 incidents in May to just 37 following the June 1st resignation of Irwin.

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Though imperfect, Musk’s efforts to bring free speech to Twitter have resulted in a content renaissance. Long-censored pundits and commentators, including the recently fired Tucker Carlson, have found a new home on the site, using new long-form video features to post political content that leftist-dominated media relentlessly censors anywhere else.

Prominent dissident accounts have celebrated the opening of the public forum, with satirical conservative account “Catturd” saying that “he’s finally free to say what he wants.”

With the legacy employees of Twitter fleeing or being fired, the decline in censorship – spearheaded by Elon Musk –  has finally opened the door to conservative participation in the new “digital public square.”


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