Elite Universities Slammed For Rejecting Asian Student with 1590 SAT Score

Several elite universities were condemned for their discriminatory affirmative action policies by Asian American student Jon Wang, who, despite having a near-perfect SAT score, was universally rejected.

The student said he applied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon, and the University of California at Berkeley. Boasting a 1590 (out of 1600) SAT score and a weighted GPA of 4.65 on a 4.0 scale, Wang was a near-perfect candidate for America’s most elite colleges and universities – but was rejected anyway.

Wang has attributed his rejection to “affirmative action,” a policy implemented by college and university admissions offices with the intent of accepting more non-white and non-Asian students, even if their qualifications are sub-par.

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Wang is a second-generation Asian American from a family of Chinese immigrants. Asian Americans surpass all other ethnic groups, including whites, in virtually every educational and economic achievement metric, partly owing to their cultural practices. However, rather than being rewarded for their hard work, universities categorize them with white people as being “privileged” in American society – and therefore less deserving of prestigious education.

Wang gave his test scores to Students for Fair Admissions, an organization that advocates ending anti-white and anti-asian affirmative action policies in college admissions. Using a model, they generated damning results for Wang.

“I gave them my test scores, and then they must’ve ran the model on that… [Students for Fair Admissions] told me I had a 20% chance of getting accepted to Harvard as an Asian American and a 95% chance as an African American” ~Jon Wang to Fox News

The Asian American student is currently attending the relatively prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Supreme Court has spent months reviewing an affirmative action case in college admissions that could have massive ramifications. The conservative-dominated court is expected to rule in favor of the victimized students. Should the court rule for the students, colleges would likely be required to implement a merit-based system that doesn’t utilize racial quotas or discriminate in the name of “equity.”

Jon Wang is part of the plaintiff in the ongoing cases against the discriminatory policies of U.S. universities.

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Commentators have come out in support of Wang, decrying the rejection of meritocracy by U.S. universities.

“There was a time schools would be begging for this brilliant mind to choose them. Social Justice equity is taking the place of common sense and value. Sports scholarships are ok, hypocrisy in action.” ~@wiseass8573528 on Twitter

“We need meritocracy again. No human should be considered for a job based on aspects they cannot choose: race, sex, sexuality. The ONLY factors should be the quality of their work.” ~@BelleDreamer7 on Twitter

Others called out the policy for what it is: a form of actual systemic racism.

“This is racism. Based off the color of his skin, he isn’t acceptable with a score that would get someone else accepted to any college they wanted. Really people, why is this acceptable.”~ @sgsowards on Twitter


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