Dylan Mulvaney Done With ‘Girlhood,’ Now ‘Sexually Attracted’ to Self

Dylan Mulvaney claims to be in a “new era” and has announced he is going to return to masculinity (while continuing to demand recognition as a woman) and is now sexually attracted to himself, calling himself “sexy.”


Mulvaney made his announcements on Twitter after being featured on the cover of “them,” a magazine dedicated to LGBT individuals. The cover reads, “Dylan Mulvaney is ready for life after girlhood.” Until this point, trans activist Mulvaney has marketed himself as experiencing “girlhood,” meaning being new to acting as a woman. Now apparently, he is ready for a change.

But first, Mulvaney called himself “sexy” and asked if he was his own type while biting his nail.

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“So my them cover came out today, and it’s like, am I my type? It’s sexy! I love it.”

After Mulvaney launched into a monologue about why he has decided to drop the caricature of femininity he has been displaying so far while continuing to act as a woman.

“And I talk about this in the article, I feel like last year I was very hyper-feminine as a way to kind of like protect myself and shield myself. And don’t get me wrong, like, pink is my favorite color, but I was afraid of masculinity in general. And I can look at this photo now, and I don’t feel any dysphoria because I know that it doesn’t change my identity.”

Mulvaney added, however, that the picture of him wearing an outfit reminiscent of a suit could be “very feminine.”

“You know what? I am ready for life after girlhood,” Mulvaney said. “I’m loving this; it’s a new era, baby. Hot, whoo, love ya.”

Multiple respondents on Twitter criticized Mulvaney’s behavior. One user claimed Mulvaney’s latest announcement was an attention grab to drive revenue and stay relevant.

“It was always a grift, folks. For money and fame. Now Dylan Mulvaney is seeking his next grift. Companies such as Bud Light and Tampax bought his grift hook, line and sinker. Why? To please their master-of-grift ESG overlords. That’s the world we live in now.”

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Another condemned Mulvaney’s pushes for publicity over their damage to kids.

“THIS…after encouraging and normalizing medications to minors that sterilize their young bodies and mutilate their genitalia. Too late. How many young lives have been ruined by your “influence”? How many bodies destroyed forever? You don’t get to just change course and play a different part after mocking and appropriating women and endorsing child abuse.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Mulvaney officially changing his pronouns to “she/they” and announcing he may be sexually and romantically interested in women.

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