‘Draconian’: DeSantis Slam’s China’s Zero-Covid Policy

Governor Ron DeSantis made a statement recently bashing China’s zero COVID policy as draconian and backing Chinese protestors in what has been dubbed the White Paper Revolution.

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The Chinese policy is exactly what it sounds like- they aim for zero COVID. According to HuffPost, what this means is that “When even a small outbreak is located, the country conducts mass testing and imposes quarantine and lockdown mandates to prevent the virus from spreading.”

Chinese citizens have even been welded into their homes to maintain quarantine, to disastrous effects.

Islam21c reports Uyghur Muslims in China calling the practice “starvation genocide.”

“The policy has thus far prevented millions of people from leaving their homes, accessing food supplies, medical care, and other bare necessities. Distressing video footage available online has shown that many Uyghurs have died of starvation, due to being unable to leave their homes to access food.”

The policy has also led some to suicide, presumably out of despair brought on by loneliness, which can exacerbate pre-existing mental health issues.


Most recently, citizens have burned to death in their homes, unable to escape.

DeSantis is perhaps one of the most qualified people in America to make such statements, given he was among the first governor to re-open his state amid the COVID-19 pandemic, taking slings and arrows from the press to do it.

“This zero-COVID policy is draconian, it violates people’s liberties, and it is completely unscientific…. This CCP has a maniacal desire to exert total control over it’s population. Zero COVID is really just th epretext for them to do what they want to do anyways.”

His condemnation of the policy eerily echoes his attacks on similar policies in blue states in America, which he has called violative of fundamental liberties and largely unscientific. He said as much in his state of the State address in January this year.

“Florida has become the escape hatch for those chafing under authoritarian, arbitrary and seemingly never-ending mandates and restrictions,”

Consequently, DeSantis was quick to voice his explicit support for the Chinese protestors, who have been protesting the government’s policies, even in the face of violent suppression.

“The people in China are finally speaking out […] We need these draconian COVID policies to go to the ash heap of history where they belong.”

The Biden Administration, on the other hand, walked on eggshells around the issue and did not explicitly voice its support for the protestors.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and fellow Republican Senator Chris Smith bashed Biden for the weak statement in their own statement condemning the CCP’s practices.

“The Biden Administration’s weak rejection of the CCP’s zero-Covid policy and refusal to call out General Secretary Xi’s totalitarian grip is nothing short of cowardly. Just weeks after shaking hands with Xi in Bali, President Biden and his administration have once again demonstrated that they are unwilling to stand up to the CCP and stand in solidarity with the Chinese people,”

Multiple observers on Twitter echoed this sentiment.

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