Dorstewitz: If We Defeat Joe Biden in November, We Will Defeat Evil

The election on November 5th will be much more than a contest between conservative versus liberal, or Republican versus Democrat. It will be a battle between good and evil.

Tucker Carlson has been regularly posting political commentary on Twitter/X since his departure from Fox News. He began his Monday commentary with an observation on President Biden.

“If you don’t pay close attention to Joe Biden you’re probably content to dismiss him as just a senile old fool who’s exiting the stage at high speed,” he said.

We’ve all seen him scurry out of press briefings to avoid reporters’ questions. And we’ve witnessed his lapses of memory — forgetting what he’s saying, calling out for people who aren’t there, not knowing where to go when he’s finished speaking.

This, however, goes beyond that.

“But if you actually listen to him, if you watch what Joe Biden says, it dawns on you actually this man is evil — actually evil,” Carlson continued.

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“Listen to what he says: He’s dishonest, he’s vicious, he’ s cruel to his fellow Americans, he’s a bad person and he’s the president of the United States. And yet no one seems to say that out loud or even notice.”

Simon Ateba noticed. He’s the chief White House correspondent for Today News Africa, and he posted a video montage Tuesday of Biden repeatedly lashing out at reporters and ordinary Americans, each asking honest questions.

“What a stupid son of a bitch,” he says of one reporter. “Are you a junkie?” he asks another. He also criticized questions as being “stupid,” questioned journalists’ language skills, tells reporters they’re “in the wrong business.”

The entire video depicts him as crude, disrespectful, and petty. But he’s also a plagiarist and serial liar — so much so that the press rarely, if ever, mentions it. It’s as though they think it’s part of his charm.

But not everyone is charmed.

A year ago The Hill, hardly a conservative outlet, published “The seven biggest lies Biden told this week.” This week!

Less than four months into his administration, National Review observed that the president lied so often that the “Washington Post Fact-Checker Gives Up on Recording Biden’s Lies.”

And it goes way beyond the dishonesty. What’s really cruel, what’s really evil, are the effects of Biden’s policies, especially as they relate to the southern border.

People from nearly every nation in the world who cross the border illegally are given food, housing, and medical care, and Americans foot the bill in more ways than one, including:
— Last November a 94-year-old Army veteran was evicted from his New York nursing home to make room for illegals.
— An alleged MS-13 gang member who was here illegally reportedly raped and murdered a young girl. Her mother is now suing the Department of Homeland Security for $100 million.
— Then there’s the fentanyl crossing our borders every day, poisoning Americans, such as the child of a grieving mother who blasted Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., in a congressional hearing earlier this week for supporting the open borders that give rise to this.
And we hear stories similar to these every day.

Last year Grabien founder Tom Elliot listed the things that revealed the true Joe Biden, including:
— Despite trying to destroy Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court nomination with Anita Hill’s testimony, Biden admitted privately that she “was lying”
— His son’s nickname for him suggests he’s a pedophile
— His daughter wrote in her diary that he took “inappropriate” showers with her when she was a girl
— Loves petting kids, smelling their hair and nibbling them
— Credibly accused of raping congressional staffer Tara Reade
— Banks have filed dozens of “suspicious activity reports” related to transfers from foreign entities (based in China, Serbia) that indicate the Biden family laundered bribes
— Hunter’s former business partner confirmed Joe Biden took millions in bribes from China’s Communist Party
— Biden also reportedly received bribes from Mexico, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, and Kazakhstan
— As president, Biden has doled out favors to those who are paying millions for Hunter’s artwork
— He’s been caught repeatedly lying about his involvement in his son’s “business”

Elliot concluded, “Lying, abuse, threats, corruption, racism … he’s committed every cardinal sin and then some. Biden is, without question, a truly bad person. That he’s ascended to the highest office in American political life highlights a major defect in our system. These are the types of people we should be protected from, not giving power to run our lives. For the myriad crimes (both moral and legal) he’s committed, impeachment would be getting off easy.”

There’s enough evil in the world without voting it into office, and it will only get worse unless we can clean house in November.

Vote Biden, and every member of his party, out of office.

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