DoorDash Delivery Dame Gets $8 Tip – Yells at Customer and Takes Food

A newly resurfaced video of an unidentified DoorDash driver, aka “DoorDash Karen,” who refused to give a customer his food after he only tipped her $8 for delivery in 2021 has gone viral, sparking an incredible backlash.

The video, viewed nearly one million times on YouTube, shows Ring camera footage of the woman yelling at the customer for the seemingly measly tip when she went on a 12-and-a-half mile trip for the food.

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In the clip, she can be seen berating the customer for only tipping her $8 for the trip, which she claims was a 40-minute drive, and that he needs to rethink his tip amount.

DoorDash ‘Karen’

According to the woman, the man must not “must not realize” how far she traveled to collect the food.

The woman explained that she had to drive to Commack, Long Island, to pick up the savory food and then travel to Smithtown, which the woman claimed took 40 minutes.

According to the man, the drive should have only taken 15 to 20 minutes.

“It’s not; you need to try and drive it. I just drove it; it’s 40 minutes. It’s 12 and a half miles,” said the angry driver.

“What the hell are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip,” said the man when the woman asked him to adjust the tip.

After the customer became irate at the door dasher, arguing with him about the length of the actual drive (allegedly around 12 minutes in reality) and the tip amount, she then declared she was taking the food back, promptly picking up the delivery, and going back to her car, disappearing.

Ok, I’m gonna take the food back. I’m gonna take the food back, OK.

The video has renewed the debate on DoorDash tipping. DoorDash adds the tip when the food is ordered and takes it to offset its employee payment.

People on social media took to both sides, with some claiming the pay and tips at DoorDash are awful, while others were outraged, calling the driver a “Karen” who knew what the tip would be when she took the delivery.

Many pointed out that the driver can accept or decline delivery jobs; if she took the job, that’s on her.

In response, DoorDash said that the delivery driver’s behavior was unacceptable and that she had been let go from Dashing in the future.

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