Donald Trump Jr. DEFENDS Bud Light, Cites Donations to Republicans

Donald Trump Junior defended beer conglomerate Anheuser-Busch on Thursday’s podcast, urging listeners not to continue boycotting the company.

The initial backlash came after transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney was prominently featured in a marketing campaign by the company. In one spot, Mulvaney can be seen in elbow-length black gloves and mentions not knowing anything about sports and misunderstanding the meaning of March Madness.

In another, Mulvaney can be seen frolicking in a bubble bath.

Don Jr conceded that the campaign was out of line but argued that the brand was too “iconic” to be boycotted and that executives have learned their lesson.

“So here’s the deal. Anheuser-Busch totally sh*t the bed with this Dylan Mulvaney thing. I’m not, though, for destroying an American, an iconic company for something like this,”

The former president’s son also pushed the idea that the marketing plan stems from rogues within the company and that the entire company should not be banned.


“When I actually look into it, I’m not gonna blame the whole company for the inaction or the stupidity of someone in a marketing campaign that got woke as hell.”

Trump Jr justified his defense by mentioning that the company donates to Republicans slightly more than Democrats.
‘We looked into the political giving and lobbying history of Anheuser-Busch. And guess what? They support Republicans,’ he said.

“Last cycle their employees and their PAC gave about 60 percent to Republicans and 40 percent to Democrats. That’s literally almost unheard of in corporate America, where it’s really easy to go woke, where they do so constantly, where there’s a consequence to actually being a conservative. So 60 / 40 to the conservative side is kind of a big deal.”

He also claimed that while other beer companies are generally worse, Anheuser-Busch should get no more sympathy if they repeat their mistake.


“The company itself doesn’t participate in the same leftist nonsense as the other big conglomerates. Frankly, they don’t participate in the same woke garbage that other people in the beer industry actually do, who are significantly worse offenders when I looked into it. But if they do this again, then it’s on them! Then, screw them.”

The infamous ad came after a year of Mulvaney’s self-labeled “girlhood,” which he documented on Tik-Tok. Bud Light sent Mulvaney beer cans with his face printed on the can as part of the advertising campaign.

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After significant backlash from their consumer base over the strategy, Anheuser-Bush released a lengthy statement in response.

“We never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people. We are in the business of bringing people together over a beer,” My time serving this country taught me the importance of accountability and the values upon which America was founded: freedom, hard work, and respect for one another. As CEO of Anheuser-Busch, I am focused on building and protecting our remarkable history and heritage.”

However, as multiple observers pointed out, the statement was not an apology, nor did it address the Mulvaney controversy.

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