Don Lemon Lies, Says Florida Making It Illegal to Teach About Slavery

On Tuesday’s CNN This Morning, Don Lemon hosted a segment on Ron DeSantis’s decision to back the Florida Department of Education’s rejection of an AP African American studies course. The advanced placement course created by College Board was blocked for its hard-left political agenda and for including Critical Race Theory in its curriculum, a violation of Florida law.

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Filtered through CNN’s reporting, this means that Ron DeSantis is trying to make it illegal to teach about slavery.

That’s at least according to Don Lemon and his guest Audie Cornish, who joined the show to criticize DeSantis’s decision,

“What does it mean when politicians reach into the classroom and think they can tell people what is and is not okay… I don’t know where he wants to draw the line. Slavery was political at one point.”

Lemon joined the hysterics.

“So, slavery became illegal. Now it’s going to be illegal to teach slavery in schools. It seems really odd.”

The advanced placement course by College Board includes subjects such as “Black Queer Studies” and “Intersectionality and Activism.” It also includes units on Black Lives Matter and the Reparations Movement. The curriculum, which includes writings from former communist party member Angela Davis, spends comparatively little time on African American history. Instead, taking the spotlight are modern movements and politics often supported by far-left race hustlers.

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It did not take long for Cornish and Lemon to admit why they were actually mad.

LEMON: “Look, there’s going to come a point we are going to teach kids about the MAGA movement. That wasn’t comfortable for a lot of people. We’re going to teach kids about the Oath Keepers. We’re going to teach kids about what happened on January 6th.”

CORNISH: “what our kids learn really helps shape us as a society. So control over that is very high stakes. More high stakes than people give it credit for.”

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Cornish is correct about one thing. Control over what students are taught is essential, and unfortunately for her and the rest of CNN’s race baiters, they are losing that control.

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