Do Voters in California Want ‘Lesser Savage’ in Congress?

A sitcom star from the 90s, Ben Savage, who starred in the annoying tv show, “Boy Meets World,” wants to run for Congress.

From The cast of “Boy Meets World.” Young Ben Savage bottom row.

Savage comes from an acting family. He has an infinitely less irritating older brother named Fred, who played the adorable Kevin Arnold on the tv show, “The Wonder Years.”

The better brother, Fred Savage, who played the cheeky Kevin Arnold on “The Wonder Years.”

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Savage is planning to run as a Democrat for Congress’s 30th district in California, currently held by Democrat Adam Schiff. Schiff is expected to run for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat. Both Savage brothers still act, but unfortunately, we’ll have to hear about the self-important ideas of the Ronald Reagan wannabe, the Democrat version, for a couple of years.

Congressional candidate and “Boy Meets World” actor Ben Savage, at an American Girl event.

Savage unsuccessfully ran for a Hollywood local city council seat last year. His reasons for running public safety, inflation, and helping struggling businesses. Does the 42-year-old realize he might be a Republican?

When his local run didn’t work, the next idea was to run for higher office. If this one doesn’t work out, maybe he’ll run for President, and we’ll get to see a tv show about it called “Boy Meets Whitehouse.”

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Savage is recently engaged, but I’m sorry to say, not to his costar, who played his girlfriend Topanga on his hit tv show. So no Topanga in D.C.

Actress Danielle Fishel who played love interest Topanga on “Boy Meets World” won’t be going to D.C. Savage is engaged to someone else.

Savage thinks that lawmaking and acting are the same things. According to Entertainment Weekly, when asked if Savage would make a career in politics, he said;

“Acting and politics are almost too similar. I don’t know… You have to be a very specific breed to do that.”

If this pipe dream comes to fruition, know that we’ll all be stuck with the lesser Savage and his fiancé, Topanga 2.0. I wonder if Fred Savage is a Republican. He was great in a guest-starring role on Law & Order SVU. Since acting and politics are the same, according to Topanga’s boyfriend, maybe older brother Fred will take a shot at another seat. Then again, according to the Hollywood Reporter, while directing a Wonder Years reboot series last year, he was accused of “inappropriate misconduct.” Maybe his next show will be “Boy Meets Big House.”

Too bad Fred Savage who played little Kevin Arnold on “The Wonder Years” didn’t end up with onscreen love, Winnie Cooper. Maybe that would have prevented his “misconduct” on the set of reboot last year.


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Savage is a decent actor. He was in a Hanukah movie for Hallmark. I’d give it a review of entertaining enough to stop looking at my phone for an hour.

It’s Hollywood, baby. Whatever the Savage Brothers end up doing, the show must go on.

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