DJ Trump’s Been Rocking The Winter Whitehouse

DJ Trump is rocking the Winter Whitehouse and living his best life. Former President Donald J. Trump doesn’t need to worry about boredom while he waits for his future as POTUS 47. He’s enjoying life big time with a gig as DJ in residence at his private, members-only club, Mar a Lago.

DJT may be the most maligned person in history, but that’s not stopping him from enjoying a side hustle: playing music he enjoys for an audience of hundreds at his private residence, Mar a Lago. Mar a Lago is also one of the most sought-after membership clubs in the country, and everyone from the NY Post to New York Magazine is writing about it. 

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According to the NY Post, “DJ Donnie T” is spinning tunes at Mar a Lago on Thursday nights. Members are inviting their friends to catch a glimpse of the spin doctor playing his favorite songs from the 80s and Broadway favorites on his Spotify list on his iPad, but I’m going to let all of you in on a little secret.

A little birdy told Florida Jolt that you can catch him DJing any night he’s having dinner on the outside patio. I’ll tell you another secret: that little birdy is me—Chirp chirp. Yours truly saw DJ Trump with her own eyes two Fridays ago. He played fan favorite “YMCA,” and the people at his table got up and danced, which was glorious. 

According to the NY Post,

It’s not the first time the ex-POTUS has hit the decks at the club. We reported last year that he  “got everyone dancing.” (Some older guests groused about the volume.)

A video surfaced of Trump himself dancing at the Halloween bash alongside grooving fans dressed as the pope, “American Psycho” heavy Patrick Bateman, and some sexy nurses, natch.

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Axios reported on April 4, 2024:

Most nights when he’s home, he walks downstairs to the ground floor of Mar-a-Lago. Like clockwork, the crowd rises in applause, greeting the guest of honor — and sometimes complimenting his ear for music. Trump shakes hands as people pass his table near the front. After dinner, he’ll open his iPad and play the hits. Sometimes, it’s so loud that people have trouble talking. He marvels at the sound quality filling the garden.

Donald Trump is no stranger to entertaining a crowd. After all, he was the star of his reality show, The Apprentice, where he cultivated his famous “You’re fired” show tagline. One thing is sure: he’s got a captive audience for this music show at Mar a Lago, and no one seems to get enough of it. 

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