Disturbing Video Shows Trans Biological Male with Erection in Women’s Restroom

A trans biological male dressed like a woman was caught on video flaunting an erection in a women’s restroom, prompting horror from women and online viewers. Despite lively chatter indicating a large group of people nearby, the biological male made no attempt to hide their shame from the random women walking by. On the contrary, the disturbing video shows the individual stopping near a sink and pointing their phone toward their genitalia, presumably taking a picture.

The video is shown below. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Users quickly called attention to the apparent danger the creep presented to children, who could have easily stumbled upon the ‘situation’ in the bathroom.

“I’m so glad leftists forced women & little girls to have to live w/ sexual predators like this so Trans ppl’s fee fees don’t get hurt. B/c you know safety is unimportant next to the political need to protect someone’s feelings.” ~@JayJay0791 on Twitter

Others demanded that the biological male face prison time for their publicly indecent display.

“That person needs to be locked in jail for the rest of their life. And this is what you get when you push gender identity inclusion on society. women pay the price.” ~@JessicaGill27 on Twitter

One tweet implied that the overt and possibly illegal display of the erection resulted from a “mental illness,” perhaps referencing autogynephilia – a sexual fetish and disorder in which a male “takes an interest” in portraying themselves as a female.

“a CIS male does this, and it’s a Lewd and Lascivious acts charge, and jail time. Someone parading around as female presenting does it, and its accepted. How is this view point not a mental disorder?”

Though the above video is the most viral case, incidents involving males “showing off” their erections under the guise of being transgender have become increasingly prevalent as trans ideology invades mainstream culture. A similar incident from mid-may saw a sorority “sister,” a male-to-female transgender, allegedly watch women undress and not-so-subtly hide erections.

As Pride month took over the news in June, Republican leaders made their positions on transgenderism and gender ideology – including the “bathroom issue” – clear. Ex-President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis have promised a crackdown on gender ideology, with the former declaring his support for legally recognizing just two genders: male and female. Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis has used his office to sign the nation’s most extensive “bathroom bill.”

Other Republican candidates have been more open to males using women’s restrooms. 2024 candidate Nikki Haley, whose campaign purports to be “anti-woke,” vetoed a 2016 bathroom bill that forced people to use the same bathroom as their gender assigned at birth, saying the measure was “not necessary.”

“It’s crazy that if the women in this bathroom screamed at that person to leave the bathroom (because that is highly inappropriate and almost boarders on a form of sexual assault), they would be at risk of being charged with a hate crime.” ~@craigslist4ever on Twitter

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