Disney’s Prices Continue to Rise While Theme Parks Continue Their Downward Spiral

A month after customers reported widespread dissatisfaction over Disney’s rising prices and issues with park cleanliness and rides malfunctioning, Disney does not seem interested in changing course.

Customer complaints and rising prices have been a bellwether for the company’s performance as its stock has plummeted over the last year, losing nearly half, or 46 percent of its value.

Customers who wish to include a ‘Park Hoppper’ ticket to their regular pass, which gives them shorter wait times for attractions and rides, could currently pay as much as $244 for a single-day pass.

Disney has continued to cut free perks from its parks, such as shuttle buses from the airport to its parks for people staying at its hotels.

The park also makes customers pay for perks that were included in the ticket price, including parking, which is now $30.

A Disney spokesperson defended the company’s price hikes, saying that the park’s lowest ticket price, which is only available to customers on low attendance days, has remained the same.

‘Disneyland Resort is always planning the next new idea, attraction, and story,’ a Disneyland official said in a statement.

‘Our tiered ticketing structure offers guests different options to experience that magic throughout the year, including our lowest price point – which hasn’t changed since 2019.’

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When the price hike was announced on Tuesday, angry customers flooded social media with complaints about Disney’s parks, with many alleging that Disney only wants to make its parks accessible to wealthy people.

One user observed that while customers are still paying high prices for Disney’s theme parks, it could cause a long-term drop in ticket sales.

Another user asked if Disney would increase wages after raising prices.

Someone else lamented that Disney has not fixed its dysfunctional hotels and rides despite its high prices, saying that people should not pay

“Disney prices for a hotel that is barely functional”

Another Twitter account that reports on Disney’s parks said that Disney was trying to manipulate the news cycle to put out positive news about its companies to distract from its price hikes.

Disney has not only increased prices on its tickets, but it has also increased prices on its souvenirs, food, and drinks.

Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse ears headbands have increased by ten dollars since last year, from $29.99 to $39.99.

One user observed that Disney’s food prices and even its prices for bottled water increased this week alongside its ticket prices.

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