Disney talks equality, ignores squalor on its doorstep

Disney has publicly inserted itself into Florida’s politics to support various left-wing causes in recent months.

The entertainment company made a point of opposing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education bill, which received overwhelming support in the state.  They paid a steep penalty for trying to reverse the legislation after the Florida legislature stripped them of their improvement district.

They also released rainbow-colored toys and clothes for pride month and included their pledge to support LGBT organizations on the packaging.

Rather than funding political causes that many of their customers will balk at, Disney could choose to help the communities where their parks, which pull in billions of dollars in revenue annually, are located.

According to an article released by the Daily Mail on May 30th, thousands of Floridians near Disney parks are living in homeless encampments, motels, and their cars.

Disney Hotel

A forklift operator described his financial struggles after his hours were cut due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘My hours were cut in Covid and that forced me into debt,’ 40-year old Demarco Jones told the Daily Mail. ‘I got badly behind with my bills and when my hours returned I had so much to catch up on it was almost impossible.

‘I had to take responsibility. I had a nice apartment, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and I paid $1,300 a month. But I had to leave, no choice. That was two months ago.’

Stories like Demarco Jones’ are all too familiar in the eight-mile strip surrounding Magic Kingdom near Kissimmee, Florida.

50-year-old Steve Rumph lives out of his worn-down 2006 Lincoln Towncar after his few possessions were stolen at a Paradise Inn near Magic Kingdom.

He described the horrible conditions of the motel, saying, ‘I had stayed at the Paradise Inn but I was disgusted with my room. There were cockroaches everywhere, mold on the bed and large stains on the mattress.’

It would be a drop in the bucket for Disney to alleviate the grinding poverty that people near its parks experience on a daily basis.  Maybe they should take some of the money out of their social justice budget and invest in nearby communities.

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