Disney preaches woke ideology while price-gouging its customers

Disney has been at the forefront of the culture war, funding woke initiatives and products for its customers and, more recently, fighting democratically supported legislation in Florida like the Parental Rights in Education bill.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will strip Florida of its Improvement District, which gave it limited governing rights over areas that covered Disney’s parks and property in Florida.  The bill’s passage came after Disney refused to heed warnings from the Governor that they do not ‘run the state’.

Undeterred, Disney is releasing LGBT toys and clothes for pride month in June, which will include rainbow-colored products from its most well-known movies and TV shows.

Meanwhile, Disney’s parks, which used to be a popular travel destination for people across the country, are becoming unaffordable for average, middle-class people.

Disney cut services that used to make trips to the park more affordable, such as a free shuttle that would transport people from hotels to the park, so they didn’t have to pay for cab services or rent a car.  They also got rid of parking trams at all of their Orlando locations except for Magic Kingdom.

On top of paying for a hotel room, which costs anywhere from $300-400 a night, guests now have to pay for parking at the hotel at a rate of $15-25 per night.

You might assume that Disney cut services to keep the price of its tickets down, but that assumption is also incorrect.  Disney’s ticket prices continue to increase, with multi-day tickets as high as $596 on busy days.

One family of four from New Jersey reportedly paid over $10,000 to go to Disney World in Florida.

“I feel like Disney is pricing people out, can the average working American family really afford this?” the mother said in remarks to FOX Business. “I’ve been coming to Disney since I was six years old. I’m 39 now. My kids thought Disney was magical and so for me, the cost was worth it, but I see that it’s not the same Disney it was.” The mother said.

While Disney continues its woke posturing by supporting LGBT issues, it has priced middle-class families out of affording its products.


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