Disney Guests Complain of ‘Atrocious’ Lines, Prices – ‘Out of Control’

The “happiest place on earth” appears to be anything but that for recent guests, as price hikes, wait times, and overcrowding have left guests reporting an “atrocious” experience.

It is not just Disney’s streaming services that have been impacted by job cuts and rising prices. According to one thread on Reddit, the company’s world-famous theme parks are reportedly taking a severe dive in quality.

“Literally everything is a queue,” one user complained in the Unpopular Opinion subreddit. “Going to the bathroom, Queue. Want to eat? Queue. Want to buy a souvenir? Queue. Want to get a glimpse of something? Queue… .” In the post titled ‘Disneyland just isn’t worth it anymore,’ the guest asked others “what the hell happened to this place?”

“The rides themselves are just atrocious. Minimum wait times of 2 hours to go on a ride that lasts 3 minutes? If you look at the way these new rides are being built, 99% of the ride is just space for the queue.

Now on top of paying nearly $300 for one day at the park (hopper pass), you have to also purchase $20+ passes to get on rides, otherwise you’re going to waste your entire day sitting in a 3 hour line.”

The user said they had purchased the genie pass and ended up still waiting around 2 hours for a ride, only for it to break down. “of course, Disneyland doesn’t do rain checks unless you have a fast pass,” the guest wrote.

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“The nail in the coffin is that Disneyland doesn’t really offer things that other amusement parks don’t offer anymore,” the user continued.

“Their ride technology and themed areas are on par with places like Universal Studios (which is less than half the cost). Any edge they have on quality is completely diminished by the sheer amount of people and lines you have to compete with constantly. Its hard to notice all the details and work that was put into the park when you are just constantly in a sea of people.”

“I just don’t see the money or effort being worth it anymore,” the disgruntled Disney fan concluded.

Thousands of comments were left under the post, with most agreeing that Disney’s parks had lost their magic in recent years.

“Dads a career cast member, so I grew up going all the time,” commented another user.

“I’m 28 and I can’t anymore. Even if it’s not as crowded on a day you go, no one even has any interest in stopping and enjoying things or admiring the details and stuff anyway so all of the ambiance that makes Disney stand out just goes completely ignored. It’s inherently frustrating.”

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The Walt Disney Company has faced many difficulties in recent years as it struggles to cut over $5 billion in costs. The price hikes for visitors have been attributed to nationwide inflation, while its streaming service Disney+ has reportedly lost over 10 million subscribers in just the past year. Its feud with Governor Ron DeSantis, resulting in the loss of Orlando park’s self-governing status, has not made matters any better for the company.

Earlier this year, the company cut around 7,000 employees from its workforce.

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