Disney Gave Over $100,000+ to Org. that Claimed Math Isn’t ‘Trans-Inclusive’

Disney has continually come under fire for taking controversial stances on hot-button social issues and endorsing controversial left-wing groups.

This time, Disney received negative attention for funding an organization that promotes a left-wing agenda on LGBT issues.

The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, went so far as to say that math is not inclusive of trans people in a recent blog post.

“Mathematics educators must do a better job of including our trans and non-binary students, as the future of those students are in their hands,” said Kyle Whipple, a trans educator who wrote the blog post”How Do We Make Math Class More Inclusive of Trans and Non-Binary Identities,” which was published on the GLSEN website.

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People were quick to question the assumptions of the blog post. One Twitter user, who presumably identifies as LGBT due to the flag in his bio, said that the article insinuates that math excludes trans people without an evidentiary basis.

Disney has financially supported GLSEN and partnered with them for events. The entertainment giant donated $100,000 to GLSEN in 2020, has co-hosted Pride events with them, and made further profits from its Pride Rainbow Disney Collection merchandise.

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Disney has landed itself in hot water in the past by promoting LGBT content to minors.

Earlier this year, the company released a line of LGBT-friendly toys for children and was criticized on social media.

The organization has had a fixation on making math classes more “inclusive” for LGBT and trans students, which included an article in 2017 that said math teachers are the least likely to teach LGBT “friendly” curriculum.

GLSEN has told math teachers that they must be “diligent about creating classrooms that are safe and welcoming learning environments”

Another way that the organization proposed to make math more inclusive is to “model the spread of the use of the singular they/them/their pronoun.” The activity starts “with a community of a given size, perhaps 25,000 people, and giving the probability that any encounter will lead to a percent of the population adopting they/them/their pronouns as part of regular use, the students can determine how long it will take for the entire population to adopt the use.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ opposition to Disney’s political activities, which included donations to organizations like GLSEN, was a focal point of the 2022 Gubernatorial race. Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist, who lost by a double-digit margin to DeSantis, attacked DeSantis for opposing the company’s foray into politics in the state.

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