Disgrace: Air Force Tweets Soldier Saluting LGBT Pride Flag, Veterans Furious

The United States Air Force drew the ire of veterans and patriots after posting a photo in which a soldier is shown saluting the LGBT pride flag in “honor” of LGBT pride month. The Tweet received over three million views and was immediately mocked and derided by onlookers.

Following the immediate and widespread backlash, the Air Force Twitter account blocked any further replies to the post.

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The predictable move from the Air Force comes just under a week after their US Navy counterparts drew heavy criticism over their LGBT pandering.

The Air Force Global Strike Command Twitter account responded to the post by saying that “Our diversity is our competitive advantage.” Despite the sentiment, the Air Force has seen record failures in recruiting goals since the branch openly embraced radical leftist politics.

While the military remained one of the last remaining right-leaning public institutions under the Trump administration, President Biden has overseen an unprecedented “purging” of right-wing influence in the military through an unpopular vaccine mandate, an excessive amount of equity and anti-white diversity training, and relentless promotion of radical left ideas.

Speaking to Fox News’s Jesse Watters, a former Space Force Lt. Commander fired for resisting the leftist takeover slammed the Biden administration and the havoc it’s wreaking on the armed forces.

“[The woke agenda in the military] is dramatically affecting our recruitment and our retention efforts across all branches of the military… there are a lot of people in this country right now who are being disincentivized from joining the services… and there are a lot of good people leaving the services right now… This stuff sows division, and our military thrives on unity.”

Despite the Air Forces’s best attempts at suppressing criticism, there was an outpouring of frustrated American patriots who found the display offensive.

“And now our US AIR FORCE is saluting the flag of demonic perversion. Because so many good people said “just be loving and quiet”. That paved the way for this. If you are STILL silent, then you are 100% complicit. There never was a middle ground. SHAME ON the Air Force.” ~@BrittRooted on Twitter

One user offered a “fixed” version of the post.

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Several air force veterans condemned the branch they once served.

“As a retired Air Force officer I am humiliated by the state of the service. No credible American and no actual Airmen would salute anything but the American flag. Celebrating a military member saluting a pride flag is not just embarrassing it is traitorous. The current senior leadership are no more than a group of Aldrich Ames clones with a few Harvey Milks/Ed Bucks mixed in. Everyone involved in putting this messaging out should have their clearance revoked & face Article 15 procedures. You have all failed in your responsibility and your oath to the US Constitution. Ridiculous and embarrassing.” ~@C130GuyBNA

One onlooker more bluntly pointed out what the LGBT flag represents.

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