Disabled Woman Stands Firm Against Nasty Transgender Twitter Mob

Henrietta Freeman, a disabled woman, took to Twitter recently to describe how transgender ideology negatively impacts her and her care but was temporarily bullied and silenced by activists as punishment.

Ms. Freeman describes herself as paralyzed from below the neck, lacking upper body strength, having short-term memory issues, and unable to speak. As such,  she relies on caretakers for nearly all her needs.

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However, she can type and use the internet through specialized controls. In a pinned Twitter thread last December, Freeman spoke out on how transgender ideology impacts her uniquely because of her disabilities and how she only wants biological women to act as caretakers for her.

The thread begins with Freeman calling out the vitriol and hatred flung her way for her past comments on her caretaker preference.

“The nerve of people being vile about me wanting same-sex care. People asking ‘what about lesbians’ is homophobic, they are women. This isn’t about sexuality, it’s about sex. I’ve been told I have an agenda, not wanting men to touch me is not an agenda.”

Freeman went on to detail what her day looks like and how her weakness can be taken advantage of. She explained that she is given her daily drugs by carers, who let themselves into her house daily.

“My drugs leave me zombied so you can imagine as someone who’s paralysed from the chest down with upper body weakness, I’m pretty vulnerable. If a carer was to be a predatory man, there’s his chance to take full advantage. Carers let themselves into my house whilst I’m in bed.”

Freeman also explained that, aside from her physical maladies, her memory problems put her especially at risk for such an event. She also noted that this risk is not hypothetical. According to her, women in similar positions have been taken advantage of.

“I have short term memory issues so if something were to happen I won’t remember until a few days after. Say a man sexually assaulted me or raped me, well, I wouldn’t know until heaven forbid, I ended up pregnant or unwell. This has happened to women. It’s no moral panic.”

Freeman included the statistical evidence of sexual assault on disabled women by carers, backing up her claims.

However, even in the best-case scenario, Freeman requires full-body washes and help to go to the bathrooms, both tasks necessitating handling of her intimate areas, tasks she trusts no man to do.

“Imagine the fear you might feel if you are expecting a carer, know they have open access to your house and know they could be a man even if you’ve requested same-sex care. I know disabled women who’ve had blokes turn up, fortunately they can turn them away, I can’t.”

These practices are made possible by the GRA Act, which allows biological men to take on the role of women virtually without limits in Britain.

However, not everyone is on board with her message, with some activists on Twitter calling her transphobic and one even labeling her a Nazi.

Luckily, those Twitter users were outnumbered, and the hashtag #IstandwithHenrietta started trending on the social media app recently in response to the hate she has received.

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