DHS Works Overtime to Fight Migrant Crisis While Biden Vacations

President Biden, already notorious for his unprecedented vacation time, recently decided to take a weekend trip to one of his Delaware homes amidst one of the worst periods of illegal immigration his term has seen.

While Biden indulges in his expansive estate and luxurious presidential benefits, the rest of the country is in crisis.

Several towns, cities, and counties have declared states of emergency in response to the expiration of Title 42 and the subsequent flood of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers over the southern border.

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A memo from Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Director Ted Kim of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services shows a mandatory overtime increase from a previously requested single weekend day.

“Developments emerging over the course of the day made clear that more resources are needed, and we must take immediate steps to increase the number of staff available on both Saturday and Sunday to meet the need. In order to ensure full operational readiness, I must now ask that all Asylum Division employees, with limited exception, work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.”

The Biden administration seems even to be encouraging the devastating crisis.

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went as far as to say a judge did “sabotage” when he blocked a questionable Biden administration policy that would see illegal immigrants released into America by border patrol without notice to appear in court – meaning any deportation attempts on the migrants would be extremely difficult.

“it’s a harmful ruling… we need Congress… beyond the ruling, beyond what we’re seeing from the sabotage, pure and simple… we want Congress to act.”

Thousands of illegals have already been released into the American interior under the Biden administration, with El Paso alone having released more than a thousand since the expiration of Title 42.

The numbers also do not account for the hundreds of thousands of people that could have crossed the southern border undetected.

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On Saturday, Biden returned to his executive duties to give a speech at a historically black university, Howard University, where he said that “white supremacy” is the single biggest terror threat the U.S. faces. There was no mention of the ongoing crisis nor any of the cities currently collapsing due to it.

Rampant illegal immigration and long vacation hours have been persistent characteristics of the Biden administration.

Biden’s vacation time has surpassed all other post-2000 presidents at the same point in their terms.

Unusually high illegal immigration and unsustainable “catch and release” policies that let illegal immigrants into the country’s interior have been popular since February 2021 – the first whole month Biden spent in the White House.

Despite assurances that the border is secure, the 46th president has overseen illegal immigration at a scale that surpasses the transformative Clinton era, lied about the scale of that immigration, and then turned around and let those illegal immigrants into the country with no plan for ever deporting them.

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