DHS Secy. Mayorkas Forced to Face a Texas Family and Their Pain

In a poignant and tense moment, the cold halls of Congress were made to echo with a mother’s grief as a Texas family confronted DHS Secretary Mayorkas about their tragic loss.

In a recent House hearing, a grieving Texas family found themselves face-to-face with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, demanding accountability and action after a fatal vehicle crash involving a smuggler near the border. The heartbreaking collision of grief and politics served as a stark reminder of the human cost of the ongoing border crisis.

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Elisa Tambunga, who lost her seven-year-old daughter, and Gin Jespersen, who lost her mother, were brought to the hearing by Republican Congressman August Pfluger. As Mayorkas testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, Pfluger boldly asked the DHS Secretary to stand and face the family, who sought answers and closure amidst their sorrow.

Though Mayorkas did offer condolences to the family, Tambunga voiced her skepticism on “Fox & Friends First,” stating that the apology felt insincere and prompted by Pfluger’s request. She further noted that apologies held little meaning without the action to back them up.

During a private meeting with Mayorkas, the family members shared their harrowing experiences and urged him to recognize the urgency of the border crisis. Jespersen recalled their plea for troops, a bipartisan solution, and a focus on working together. She emphasized that the current state of affairs, under Mayorkas’ leadership, wasn’t working.

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Tambunga poignantly shared with Mayorkas the graphic images of her daughter’s tragic death, imploring him to prioritize the safety of American citizens when advising President Biden. The heart-wrenching reality of their loss underscored the need for the Secretary to take responsibility and make necessary changes to address the issue at hand.

The fatal crash occurred when 22-year-old Rassian Comer, a smuggler from Louisiana, led authorities on a high-speed chase along I-10 in Ozona, Texas. Comer’s vehicle ultimately collided with Maria Tambunga’s car, tragically killing her and her granddaughter. In addition to the two family members, the crash also claimed the lives of two illegal migrants from Mexico who were being smuggled in Comer’s truck.

While the Texas family’s grief serves as a sobering reminder of the real-world consequences of the border crisis, it also highlights the urgent need for meaningful action from both parties. As our nation’s leaders grapple with this complex issue, the story of the Tambunga family stands as a testament to the fact that there’s no time for political games when lives are at stake.

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In the words of Elisa Tambunga, “I should not have had to bury my seven-year-old little girl. It is our hope that this painful confrontation between the grieving family and Secretary Mayorkas will catalyze change, inspiring a new era of cooperation and action to protect the lives of those caught in the crossfire of the border crisis.”

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