DeSantis Wrecks Newsom in ‘Red State vs. Blue State’ Debate

Governors Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom went toe-to-toe on the debate stage Thursday night, battling over a wide range of issues, including the economy, the COVID-19 lockdowns, and education, among others. The televised Fox News event was billed as the “Red State vs. Blue State Debate” by moderator Sean Hannity, but by the end, the Florida Governor had emerged as the clear winner.

Several key moments went viral on social media during the event as DeSantis attacked his rival’s record.

“So, I was talking to a fella who had made the move from California to Florida, and he was telling me that Florida is much better governed, safer, better budget, lower taxes, all this stuff, and he’s really happy with the quality of life,” the Florida Governor said, before making a surprising revelation.

“And then he paused, and he said, ‘You know, by the way, I’m Gavin Newsom’s father-in-law.”

The comment earned a sneer from Newsom, who did little to push back against his opponent’s claims.

According to Fox News, Newsom’s in-laws moved to Florida in March 2020, purchasing a $3.3 million home in Naples. They reportedly made the move following the implementation of California’s lockdown orders, which would not be lifted until June 2021. Since then, more than one million California residents have fled the state.

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In another viral moment, DeSantis pulled out a map of San Francisco, showing brown plots covering most of the city. The map, DeSantis said, showed all of the locations in the city where human feces was reportedly sighted.

“Gavin Newsom, at one point, tried to say that California was the freedom state,” DeSantis said during the event. “I just kind of laugh like you’re locking people down, you’re doing all this, but then I thought about it: California does have freedoms.”

“You have the freedom to defecate in public. In California, you have the freedom to pitch a tent on Sunset Boulevard. You have the freedom to create a homeless encampment under a freeway and even light it on fire. You have the freedom to have an open air drug market and use drugs. You have a freedom if you’re an illegal alien to get all these taxpayer benefits. So those are freedoms. They’re not the freedoms our founding fathers envisioned, but they have contributed to the destruction of the quality of life in California and the results speak for themselves.”

DeSantis then referred to the browned-out map, which he claimed to have gotten from “an app where they plot the human feces that are found on the streets of San Francisco.”

You see how almost the whole thing is covered? Because that is what has happened in one of the previous greatest cities this country’s ever had.”

“Except when a communist dictator comes to town,” he continued. “Then they cleaned up the streets. They lined the streets with Chinese flags. They didn’t put American flags there. They cleaned everything up. So they’re willing to do it for a communist dictator, but they’re not willing to do it for their own people.”

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DeSantis also came prepared for a segment on education, brandishing a page from a ‘pornographic’ book that has been found in some California public schools.

“This is a book that’s in some of the schools in California,” DeSantis said, displaying a page from the now-infamous book Gender Queer: A Memoir. Several images depicting sexual content were censored for television.

“This is pornography. It’s cartoons aimed at children, and it’s wrong. This should not be in schools. Some of it’s blocked out. You would not probably be able to put this on air.”

“This is not age-appropriate. And so we’re gonna stand for the rights of parents. I think we need to do that nationwide,”

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