DeSantis won’t let Biden admin get away with ‘Orwellian doublespeak’ on economy

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fired back at the Biden Administration’s attempt to downplay the economic woes the United States is experiencing.

DeSantis addressed the economic recession in remarks to the Florida Airports Council, criticizing what he called “Orwellian doublespeak” that suggested the US is not in a recession despite a GDP decline for two consecutive quarters.

“They always said two consecutive negative quarters was a recession. Now they have to run interference, so they’re saying it’s not really, or maybe not, or this or that,” DeSantis said.

The gross domestic product dropped 0.9% in the second quarter of 2022, a second straight quarterly drop.

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“I think the data’s telling us that because you’ve had the inflation and because you’ve had a lot of problems with energy prices and commodity prices going up, you’ve had the Fed come in, and they’ve been raising interest rates. Of course, that’s going to slow down the economy,” DeSantis said.

“We’re looking at a situation where we could be in a situation of downturn with inflation still being persistently high,” he continued. “We haven’t had that since the 1970s when they had the stagflation.”

DeSantis’ comments are the latest example of prominent Republican figures in Florida running for re-election and capitalizing on the Biden Administration’s economic woes.

“What’s happened is what we knew would happen,” Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday. “We are now in a Biden recession.”

DeSantis and other Republican figures have been warning of an economic downturn throughout the entirety of 2022.

“Florida has been doing well, and we’re happy about that, but when you have the inflation headwinds when you have the Fed raising interest rates, and some of the other things happening in the markets there is a possibility of seeing a downturn, and unfortunately I think that downturn will be precipitated by bad policy coming out of Washington.”

~Ron DeSantis

The Biden administration has taken the time to articulate their message that America, despite two consecutive quarters of GPD decline, is not in an official recession. Republicans nationwide have fired back at the administrations remarks, citing the historical tendency for American politicians to define a recession as such.

Fox News journalist and White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre why the definition of recession has been changed to not meet two consecutive quarters of GDP decline. “That’s not the definition,” Jean-Pierre fired back, referencing the country’s strong labor market and 3.6% unemployment rate as supposed proof that the country is not in a recession.

“You do not see that in a pre-recession and you do not see that in a recession”, she added. “The economic indicators does not show we are in a recession,” she claimed, despite 40 year high inflation rates throughout the United States.

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