DeSantis War Chest Grows to DOUBLE Size of Trump’s

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has amassed a war chest of more than $110 million, according to recent reports–a figure that reportedly dwarfs the total campaign funds of billionaire former president Donald Trump. With less than one week remaining in Florida’s legislative session, DeSantis is expected to launch a widely-expected White House bid shortly after spending months teasing a run, touring the country, and meeting high-profile donors. DeSantis was photographed dining with several such donors on Wednesday, including several major contributors to the Trump 2020 campaign.

The Florida Governor’s whopping nine-figure war chest is largely owed to fundraising from his 2022 re-election campaign. His gubernatorial campaign committee, Friends of Ron DeSantis, entered 2023 with more than $80 million left over. Since then, the committee has added $14 million to its total, according to figures reported by Politico. The nearly $100 million funds are transferable to a federal PAC. More than $20 million of the contributions come from the Republican Governor’s Association–the committee’s largest single donor.

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Additionally, pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down has reportedly raised more than $33 million to be set aside for the anticipated presidential bid. The group was launched by former Trump White House official Ken Cuccinelli in March and has repeatedly called the Florida Governor to throw his hat in the ring. The PAC’s communications director, Erin Perrine, reportedly confirmed the fundraising total in a statement to New York Post,

“The groundswell of support for Ron DeSantis to run for president continues to grow, with donor enthusiasm high and volunteers signing up in early states because they know he is the only conservative who can beat Joe Biden.”

The mountain of cash backing a DeSantis 2024 campaign currently dwarfs that of every other GOP primary candidate, including, shockingly, that of billionaire Donald Trump. According to the same report, the former president and current GOP frontrunner entered 2023 with roughly half of DeSantis’ total. His campaign PAC, MAGA Inc, reportedly had $55 million in its account.

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While Trump has made serious inroads against the Florida Governor–maintaining double-digit leads in national polls and claiming the endorsements of half of the state’s Republican Congressional delegation–recent reports suggest that DeSantis may be moving to undercut financial support for the Former President.

DeSantis was photographed dining with several high-profile GOP donors during his recent international trip to Israel, according to a report by Axios. That lineup included Miriam Adelson, who, along with her late husband Sheldon, was a top contributor to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign at more than $90 million. While Adelson has reportedly told several Republican candidates that she intends to remain neutral in the primary, she and her husband were early backers of DeSantis’ 2018 governor campaign, to the tune of $500,000.

The dinner was hosted by Larry Mizel, the finance chairman for the Trump 2016 campaign in Colorado.

While speaking with a Japanese reporter during a visit to Tokyo this week, DeSantis was asked about his presidential prospects,

“I got reelected in November. We had a big landslide win, a lot of speculation. People have been asking me to run, and they had been doing that before, but it kind of ramped up,” DeSantis said. Asked if he would make an announcement, the Florida Governor joked,

“If I did that in Tokyo, people would probably say, ‘Why didn’t you do it in Florida?'”

He added that he would make “no announcements before the end of the legislative session,” which is scheduled to end on May 5.

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