DeSantis Vows to Oppose Bail Reform, Miami-Dade Judge Immediately Backs Off

Just hours after DeSantis gave a speech in Miami re-affirming his commitment to Law and Order and resolving to oppose bail reform, leaders of Miami-Dade County’s justice system announced they would delay their new planned reformation rules.



The chief judge in Miami-Dade, Nushin Sayfie, made the afternoon announcement, promising that the bail-reform plan expected for later this year would not be implemented until the criminal-justice legislation DeSantis unveiled in his Miami speech is considered by the Florida Legislaturwhen their next session begins on March 7.

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DeSantis said his proposed laws would make state rules around when judges could release someone from jail as they await trial more strict. The move comes as the increasing number of crimes committed by those released on bail reaches the news, a trend Florida Senator Marco Rubio has worked to stop on the national level.

The move is primarily logistic, as implementing reforms when they’re a high risk of the Florida Legislature undoing them is simply a waste of time and effort. Sayfie said as much in her statement, according to the Miami Herald. 


“Since the proposed legislation also touches on release criteria for serious crimes, as well as monetary bond schedules, it is prudent to hold off on implementation pending further guidance from our state lawmakers.”

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However, Sayfie also claimed that the reforms, which give judges more discretion to release individuals from jail on serious charges, primarily focus on public safety.

“Our pretrial justice improvement project focuses on public safety, and a key element of the project is that judges should be the determinants of whether or not an individual remains in jail on serious charges.

When asked during the press conference after his Miami speech, DeSantis rejected the idea, stating that the reforms would only create danger.

“This package will ensure judges can’t go rogue and be releasing people. All of the proposals I have heard along those lines I think would be dangerous for the people of Miami-Dade.”

DeSantis also discussed various other issues, including no longer requiring a unanimous jury for capital punishments and cracking down on the fentanyl crisis.


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