DeSantis Vows Tighter Immigration Laws – ‘Nobody Has a Right to Come Here’

Governor Ron DeSantis traveled to Iowa on Saturday as part of his bid to visit all 99 of the state’s counties before primary day. At a campaign stop in Denison, DeSantis railed against illegal immigration and vowed to take action on border security if elected President. The Florida Governor also said the recent attacks by Hamas against Israel exposed many of the dangers currently facing America.

“When you look at what’s going on in the aftermath of the attacks on Israel before the blood was even dry, you had people on college
campuses celebrating in favor of Hamas,” DeSantis told a crowd of supporters. “And I’m thinking to myself, what is going on, you have these these angry mobs that are chasing Jewish students around campus. They’re not even safe on campus. How did it get to this point?”

“What I can tell you is if any of those students making common cause with Hamas happen to be foreign students on a student visa, as president I’m going to cancel that visa and I’m going to send them home.”

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DeSantis warned against taking in Palestinian refugees from Gaza, citing violence in Europe resulting from large-scale migration. “You look at what’s happened in Europe … Europe imported huge numbers of people largely from the Middle East over the last 20 years, and now they’ve created cultural clashes. There’s no-go zones, massive anti-Semitism.”

“Nobody has a right to come to this country, and if you want to come to this country you should only be allowed in if you are going to benefit the people of this country and that’s how we’re going to view it.”

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“If you look at what’s going on, we’ve got huge, huge problems. When the Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, one of the first things I started to think is if they can get into Israel with the best border security in the world, what’s happening at our own border? Who’s coming across our border?” DeSantis said.

“Of course we know that there are terrorists that have come across. The government itself admits that there’s been over one hundred, two hundred people on the terrorist watch list and that’s just what they’ll admit… it’s a huge security risk to this country.”

The Governor also briefly took a jab at former President Donald Trump, saying he was “sick” of listening to “talk” about the border and wanted to see Republicans actually take action.

“We’re going to do something about it,” he said. “I’m sick of hearing the talk about the border. I’ve heard it a lot from Republicans for really a generation about saying that they’re going to do it, and yet here we are, and the problem is as bad as ever.”

DeSantis told his supporters that if elected, he would declare a national emergency on “day one,” send the military to the border to “stop the invasion cold,” and deport the illegal immigrants who have come to America under Biden.

“When people come illegally you send them back to their home country. You have to deport them back and all these people that came in under Biden from Iran all these places I’m sending them back immediately.”

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