DeSantis Vows Fight Against Biden, China, & California Elites In New Op-Ed

Governor Ron DeSantis authored a new op-ed over the weekend, aiming at the Biden administration, vowing to fight back against Chinese influence, and reflecting on his campaigning in Iowa.

The piece was published in the ‘Des Moines Register’ and addressed to voters in the Hawkeye State.

“America is in a state of decline. Merely managing the decline a little bit better than the Biden administration will not cut it. We must reverse American decline and usher in a revival of America’s economy, military strength, and way of life.”

DeSantis wrote that while campaigning across Iowa, he had spoken to farmers, ranchers, and others in the agriculture industry about their current challenges. He described their work as the “foundation of America,” but said that federal bureaucrats have long worked to stifle their industry.

Specifically, DeSantis called out Washington’s obsession with electric vehicles and attempts to phase out fossil fuels.

I oppose the Biden administration’s heavy-handed push for electric vehicles. For many, such vehicles are impractical and unaffordable, undermining the economics of states like Iowa that rely on biofuels… We will save the American automobile and will not let the government force you into buying an electric vehicle.

DeSantis wrote that Americans “need to embrace energy that is produced in America and that supports American jobs.”

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The Florida Governor also said if elected in 2024, he would fight back against the “ideological agenda of the elites,” such as the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement.

“ESG is bad for agriculture — it seeks to expose social credit scores, penalize traditional farming practices, and even disfavor the use of meat. Such policies could very well generate a farm crisis. Elites that gather in places like Davos for the World Economic Forum seek to micromanage all aspects of society.”

“Those types of policies will be dead on arrival in the DeSantis administration,” he added.

DeSantis also pledged to protect American farmers from foreign influence and explore trade deals to provide new export opportunities. The candidate specifically called out China, saying,

“China increasingly wields power over the global food supply, posing risks to our domestic food security and access to foreign markets. Iowa farmland should be sown by Iowans, not the CCP.”

DeSantis made a similar pledge to stem the influence of liberal California. He wrote that ideologues in the state have tried to use market power “to dictate how Midwest farmers raise livestock and steward water.”

“I will prevent both federal and state overreach from obstructing our agricultural industry,” DeSantis vowed.

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Since launching his campaign, DeSantis has spent recent months building a grassroots support network in Iowa. He has often made appearances with Governor Kim Reynolds and has met with thousands of voters on his mission to visit all 99 counties in the state.

“To visit Iowa is to understand that our farmers are the greatest stewards of our land,” DeSantis wrote.

“If America is to thrive in the 21st century, we must take a page from Iowa’s farmers to better harvest our resources, accommodate nature’s challenges, and cultivate a culture resilient to history’s seasons.”

He called Iowa farmers’ ingenuity and productivity an “essential witness to our nation’s spirit.”

“Combined with the right leadership in Washington, that spirit will help fuel our great American comeback and end our nation’s decline.”

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