DeSantis Urges Biden to Drop Out: ‘Weekend at Bernie’s Part Two’

Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday railed against the left-wing media, accusing them of trying to gaslight the American public and cover up President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. In response to the President’s rambling and incoherent debate performance last week, DeSantis has called on Biden to bow out of the race.

“Biden’s painful debate performance left an indelible mark with voters: it is clear that he is not cognitively capable of discharging the duties of the presidential office,” DeSantis said in a post on X. “The media knew this, and so the cries to replace Biden now are not because of a principled objection to a cognitively impaired president but simply because they know he will lose the election.”

DeSantis’ comments were posted shortly after he delivered a press conference in Pensacola, where he announced more than $12 million in grants for infrastructure and job training programs. At the end of the meeting, however, he turned his attention to the Presidential race and sharply criticized the 81-year-old commander-in-chief.

“You compare him to 2019, to that debate, it’s been a really significant decline. And the idea that that decline is going to stop, that somehow you can make it to age 86, given the trajectory, is a joke, and everybody knows that’s a joke,”

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DeSantis compared the efforts of the media and the Biden campaign to the 1989 film Weekend at Bernie’s. But despite the best efforts of left-wing pundits to portray the President as a fit and capable leader, the Governor says the truth was revealed during the debate. “A lot of these people in the media, they decided to try to paper that over to try to get him across the finish line,” DeSantis said. “What happened on Thursday was people saw with their own eyes and so they’re not going to be able to gaslight that, they’re not going to be able to whitewash it.”

He added that recent calls from some Democrats for Biden to step down “is not because they think it’s important that a President can actually discharge the functions.”

“No, they’re calling for it because that scene was so jarring that they understand he’s going to lose. And so they want to be able to try to get someone else in there that will carry out their agenda, but they really [wouldn’t] care if that debate had gone a different way.”

“They are totally fine to have a Weekend at Bernie’s Presidency Part Two.”

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The Biden campaign’s re-election chances have suffered due to the debate with many top Democrats, including former President Obama, conceding that it was a poor performance. Reuters reported that the campaign is reportedly in a panic, with its finance committee making several calls on Sunday and Monday to top donors to reassure them.

Since the debate, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has made marginal gains in national polling. He currently holds a lead of just two points over Biden, according to RealClearPolitics.

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