DeSantis Unveils ‘No Excuses’ Plan to Stop Invasion of Southern Border

Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled his new border security plan, offering a “no excuses” pledge to stop the illegal immigrant invasion and restore order along the U.S.-Mexico border. Speaking at an event in Texas, DeSantis said that combating illegal immigration would be a top priority of his administration if elected to the White House next year.

He also vowed to hold the Mexican drug cartels responsible for their role in the border crisis and fentanyl epidemic. He pledged to fulfill the promises Trump “failed” to deliver, such as finishing the border wall and ordering mass deportations of illegals.

“Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty has made our southern border a disaster zone,” DeSantis said during the event.

“The Biden Administration is the critical link in an illegal transnational human smuggling syndicate.”

According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, DeSantis’s border security plan would also include cutting off federal funding of nongovernmental organizations, ending catch and release, terminating the Biden administration’s executive orders and use of parole, ending birthright citizenship, deputizing local law enforcement to enforce immigration law, and declaring a national emergency.

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DeSantis also reportedly told Melugin that he rejects the idea that migrants must be let into America to be processed, saying, “They can be repelled; that’s sovereignty 101.”

While unveiling his plan, DeSantis also aimed at former President Donald Trump, blaming the border crisis on the combined failures of “both parties.”

“For decades, leaders from both parties have produced empty promises on border security, and now it is time to act to stop the invasion once and for all… As president, I will declare a national emergency on day one and will not rest until we build the wall, shut down illegal entry, and win the war against the drug cartels. No excuses. We will get it done.”

DeSantis revealed his border plan just one day after his War Room launched a new spot on Twitter, saying,

“We will secure the border. We will stop the cartels. We will build the wall. We will stop the invasion. NO EXCUSES. [Ron DeSantis] will get it done,”

“A growing humanitarian crisis at the southern border,” a newscaster can be heard saying in the video.

“What has been happening under President Biden’s watch is that so many immigrants think it will be easier to enter the United States,”

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As Governor, DeSantis has made stopping illegal immigration a fixture of his administration. Earlier this year, he signed and enacted several sweeping measures to combat the crisis, including mandating the use of E-Verify by employers, increasing penalties for human and drug smuggling, and prohibiting local governments from issuing IDs to illegal immigrants.

“I’ve listened to people for years and years, Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and never getting the job done,” DeSantis told the audience. “We’re saying no excuses. Get the job done. Day one priority, you’re going to see a big change.”

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