DeSantis: U.S. Faces ‘Significant Risk’ of Terror Attack Through Open Border

Governor Ron DeSantis says the country faces a “significant risk” of a terrorist attack in the future due to lawlessness at the southern border.

Illegal crossings have surged lately, reaching record highs. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has estimated that 2.2 million migrants have crossed the border in 2023 alone, for a total of around 6.8 million since the beginning of the Biden Presidency.

In an interview with the Daily Wire on Saturday, DeSantis warned of dire consequences from the Biden administration’s open borders policy.

“We have had more than 7 million people come in illegally under Biden, we don’t know who these people are, we’ve known from the very beginning of his administration, that they are coming from all over the world,” DeSantis told the outlet. “They’re coming, people have come from Russia, China, Iran, other places in the Middle East.”

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The Florida Governor referenced the attacks in Israel on Saturday, in which Hamas militants killed over 300 people. DeSantis compared the tragedy to what might be down the road for the United States.

“And so the question is, are you trying to tell me that people that want to do us harm — whether nation states or terrorist groups — are not going to take advantage of that and try to exploit it?” he said. “And I’ve said publicly before this thing had even happened with the tragedy in Israel, there will be unfortunately, if I had to bet, there’d be a terrorist attack that occurs in the United States at some point in the future that we’ll be able to tie back to the open southern border.”

Videos of Saturday’s attack show hundreds of Islamist militants storming Israel from Gaza, destroying parts of the border wall and evading the country’s defenses. The Daily Wire described the scenes as “reminiscent of images that flood social media every week of thousands of illegal aliens” storming the U.S. southern border, thanks to the work of the Biden White House.

Because of the sheer number of illegal aliens that have poured into the country, DeSantis told the outlet it is almost certain that America will face an attack at some point.

“I don’t think we have any clue because of Biden’s failures exactly what the extent of the risk is, but there’s clearly been significant risk imposed on the American people because of the open border,” he added.

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Last week, the Biden administration stirred reactions from both sides after Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas cited an “acute and immediate need” to resume building sections of the border wall in Texas.

During his presidency, Biden had previously promised that not even a “single foot” of border wall would be constructed, with most of his party calling the Trump-era measure racist and ineffective.

DHS is reportedly waiving 26 federal laws to resume wall construction in the Rio Grande Valley sector. Mayorkas, however, has insisted that the administration’s policy is overall unchanged and accused the media of taking his words “out of context.”

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