DeSantis Trounces Trump by Almost 20 Points in Alabama Primary Poll

According to a recent poll by Alabama primary voters, Governor Ron DeSantis is leading Donald Trump by almost 20 points. In a hypothetical matchup between the two Florida republicans, 53% of respondents leaned towards DeSantis, compared to just 35% for the former president.

Public Opinion Strategies conducted the survey on behalf of Alabama Families for Great Schools between January 14-16. Fifty percent of respondents said they would either “definitely” or “probably” vote for DeSantis. Another 3% said they were uncertain but “leaned” towards voting for the Florida governor.

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The poll reflects a shift in the opinions of Alabama voters. Last October, another poll conducted on behalf of Alabama Daily News showed primary voters pulling for Trump by 49.6%, almost 14 points higher than runner-up DeSantis. When Trump was removed from the poll, he won voters’ support by 71.2%.

Last week, Alabama GOP chairman John Wahl issued a glowing endorsement of DeSantis’s leadership,

“The Governor is well known for his common sense conservative values and defending the people of Florida from government overreach. Under his leadership, Florida’s economy is soaring. He has a consistent record of cutting wasteful spending and achieving record budget surpluses, and won re-election by over 1.5 million votes.”

Alabama joins a growing list of states whose latest polling shows a significant DeSantis lead. a January University of New Hampshire poll showed DeSantis leading Trump 42% to 30% among Republican primary voters in the Granite State. A South Carolina Policy Center survey found a 19-point lead among primary voters, with DeSantis trouncing Trump 52-33%.

While the latest polls are a good sign for DeSantis, they do come with some objections. The Florida Governor has yet to make any announcements regarding a 2024 campaign. While insiders report that DeSantis is gearing up to take on Donald Trump, there remains no official statement.

The field of contenders for 2024 is also widening, with Nikki Haley announcing her bid for president last week. With former vice president Mike Pence also allegedly considering a bid, the field will likely continue to grow from here.

‘Nikki Haley Talks Presidential Bid, Gets Hammered as Disloyal RINO on Twitter’
Still, Donald Trump has sent an obvious and pointed message about Ron DeSantis, singling him out as the greatest threat to his 2024 White House ambitions. “So now I hear he might want to run against me. So we’ll handle that the way I handle things,” Trump said on The Water Cooler podcast last month. Despite DeSantis making gains in a growing number of state primary polls, Trump continues to command at the national level, regularly taking home double-digit leads in primary polling against the Florida governor.

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While his popularity among Alabama voters continues to grow, DeSantis is expected to visit the state in March for the State GOP’s ‘Winter Dinner’ in Birmingham. “Governor DeSantis needs no introduction, and I am thrilled to welcome one of America’s strongest Republican leaders to the State of Alabama,” GOP Chairman Wahl said. “This is an amazing opportunity for our state, as well as the Alabama Republican Party. ”

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