DeSantis to Launch Major Fundraising Effort for Trump

Governor Ron DeSantis says he will launch a significant fundraising effort in the coming weeks to help boost Presidential candidate and former rival Donald Trump. Several outlets reported Wednesday that the Governor announced his plan to help the former President over the weekend during a private retreat with allies and donors.

Less than three months ago, DeSantis and Trump were locked in a bitter primary battle for the Republican Presidential nomination. After a nearly year-long fight, DeSantis suspended his campaign in January and offered his endorsement of the former President.

While DeSantis had previously told reporters he had no plans of campaigning for his former rival, NBC News reported this week that the Florida Governor has begun calling on donors to support Trump. DeSantis revealed his plan to supporters during Saturday’s private gathering at South Florida’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

“I will follow the governor’s lead, and I will do anything that he or President Trump ask me to do to help him win this election,” Texas businessman Roy Bailey told NBC. “I know where there are DeSantis supporters all over Texas and all over the country that will want to help President Trump.”

“He’s committed to helping Trump in any and every way,” Bailey later told CNN. “If we can unlock and motivate our donors for Trump and put more fuel in his tank, that’s what we want to do, and that’s what we need to do to make sure [President Joe] Biden is not reelected.”

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According to one bundler at the retreat who spoke to NBC, “the majority” of attendees said they were receptive and willing to help Trump.

As recently as last month, DeSantis expressed that he was unlikely to campaign for the former President but said he was open to helping Trump “nationally.” During a press conference in March, DeSantis told reporters that Florida “is not going to be a state that’s competitive in November.”

“I think one of the interesting things is this state – before I came on the scene – was a one-point state. It is no longer a one-point state, and that’s just the reality,” DeSantis said. “So I don’t anticipate there being much campaign here for the top of the ticket… How I can help nationally, I want to be able to do that, I don’t know exactly.”

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The fundraising efforts come at a time of increasing need for the Trump campaign as the former President’s legal fees continue to mount. In March, the New York Times estimated that Trump had spent more than $100 million on lawyers and other costs in fending off a slew of criminal and civil charges.

On April 1, Trump posted a $175 million bond in his New York civil fraud case after successfully appealing an initial $464 million bond requirement.

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