DeSantis: ‘There is No Two-State Solution’ With Palestine

Governor Ron DeSantis says there is no two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. During a Monday interview with Newsmax, the Presidential hopeful offered his support to Israel and said the nation should not be pressured into a deal with Palestinian Arabs.

DeSantis was asked on ‘The Chris Salcedo Show’ about previous administrations’ efforts to reach a peace agreement in the Middle East, including working with the United Nations to push Israel toward a two-state solution with Palestine. DeSantis, however, dismissed the idea, saying that Palestinian Arabs view it as their “duty” to “drive the Jews into the sea.”

“There is no two-state solution,” the Florida Governor said. “Those Palestinian Arabs in places like the Gaza Strip, they don’t want their own state as much as they just want to eradicate the Jewish state. They don’t want to recognize Israel’s right to exist, so the whole notion that you could do a two-state solution, that you could somehow give away land and end up with a lasting peace is refuted by the fact that those Palestinian Arabs reject Israel’s existence outright.”

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“They think it’s their duty to drive the Jews into the sea,” DeSantis continued. “We’ve got to stop trying to delude ourselves into thinking there’s going to be some type of two-state solution when you have that kind of thinking that pervades not just groups like Hamas but the broader Palestinian Arab society.”

DeSantis told Salcedo that the surprise attack on Israel–one of the world’s most well-defended countries–suggests terrible news for the United States. The Florida Governor suggested that if Hamas can inflict so much death and destruction on Israel, America could face a similar threat through the Southern border.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has estimated nearly 7 million border crossings since Biden took office.

“This is a huge, huge vulnerability,” DeSantis said. “I think, for sure, we’re going to eventually have a terrorist attack in this country that will trace back to somebody coming across the southern border. I don’t think there’s any way you can have that many number of people capitalizing on such a vulnerability and not see that, so this is an intentional policy of the Biden administration to weaken this country, to expose our citizens to potential threats and attacks.”

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DeSantis called the Biden administration’s border policy a “total disaster” and called for immediate action.

“I’ve already said on day one, we’re declaring it a national emergency. We’re going to send the military to the border. We won’t entertain any of these asylum claims at the border. They can remain in Mexico. People that come illegally are going to get sent back to their home country.”

The Florida Governor also vowed that if elected to the White House next year, he would use American military forces to secure the border and regain control from the cartels.

“Yes, we will build the border wall. But more importantly, we’re going to use lethal force against the Mexican drug cartels because they’re facilitating almost everything bad that is happening down there.”

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