DeSantis Takes Victory Lap, then Immediately Gets Back to Work on Hurricane Nicole Response

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won a resounding victory last night that gave Republicans in Florida and across the country a significant morale boost in what was otherwise in underwhelming night.

While the red wave looked more like a red ripple across the country, it tore through Florida as statewide Republicans walked away with double-digit wins and Republicans picked up three Congressional seats.

DeSantis took a brief victory lap on election night, thanking supporters for their hard work to deliver a massive victory for Republicans in the state.

He summed up the momentous occasion by saying, “Thank you, Florida. Freedom is here to stay.” on Twitter, his only public statement discussing the election results from the midterms.

After celebrating a historic victory for Florida Republicans, DeSantis got back to work to navigate Florida through Hurricane Nicole.

As of 7 p.m., Nicole was 20 miles east-northeast of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, and 100 miles east of West Palm Beach. The storm had hurricane-level winds at 75 mph and was moving west at 13 mph.

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Regardless of where the hurricane makes landfall, it is expected to bring hurricane-like conditions to Central Florida and dangerously high winds to inland Florida.

The hurricane is already causing flooding throughout Florida in coastal areas.

DeSantis and Floridians, mirroring their response to Hurricane Ian, were already preparing to provide relief to people affected by the hurricane and restore power across the state.

Christina Pushaw gave a firsthand account of linemen getting ready to restore power to people affected by the hurricane on the Florida Turnpike.

For his part, Governor DeSantis said that he already has 16,000 linemen staged across the state, hundreds of National Guardsmen activated, and multiple search and rescue teams on standby.

He also declared a state of emergency in 34 counties in Florida.

Social media users acknowledged DeSantis’ strong leadership as he immediately got back to work solving the problems that matter to Floridians just a day after Florida Republicans won blowout victories across the state.

“Ron DeSantis literally woke up after winning Florida by 20 points and went to do a press conference on Hurricane Nicole. He’s the most focused leader we’ve seen in years.” One Twitter user said.

Another user lamented that DeSantis was still the Governor of Florida as the state was about to be hit by another hurricane just weeks after Hurricane Ian touched down in Florida.

Christina Puhsaw highlighted the fact that Democrats tried to seize on Hurricane Ian as a last-ditch effort to gain momentum in the final weeks before the midterm elections in a move that likely turned off Florida voters.

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