DeSantis Strikes Back: Florida Gov. Rebukes the College Board ‘This College Board, Nobody Elected Them to Anything’

Ron DeSantis is reevaluating Florida’s relationship with the college board after the Board accused the Governor of spreading “disinformation” and playing politics.

The Board released two statements in recent days to this effect, claiming the state mischaracterized their communications and was falsely taking credit for curriculum changes in their AP African American Studies course.

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While the College Board attempted to frame themselves as neutral and the Sunshine state playing politics, DeSantis argued precisely the opposite, arguing Florida was enforcing freedom from political agendas, not enforcing one themselves.

“All these different aspects of society, where powerful elites are trying to jam down politics and impose an ideological agenda. obviously, you see it in universities you really see it across the gamut….So freedom I think, in the free state of Florida, yes, absence of the COVID restrictions all very important. But freedom is also the freedom to live your life free from this agenda being jammed down your throat, free for you to think for yourselves and make your own decisions. So we are intent on preserving that very important freedom here in our state.”

When asked about the College Board specifically, DeSantis directly contradicted the Board’s claims again, stating that they had put “queer theory” and “intersectionality” into their course, along with other types of neo-marxism.

“And again, this is the proposed course, so our Department of Education looked at that and said, ‘In Florida we do education, not indoctrination. And so that runs afoul of our standards.'”

DeSantis also questioned the College Board’s authority and floated the idea of disconnecting the state from the organization altogether and proposing competition to the College Board’s veritable monopoly on high school accreditation.

“I would also just say – this College Board, nobody elected them to anything, They’re just kind of there, and they’re providing service. So you can either utilize those services or not…..And so they’ve provided these AP courses for a long time, but, you know, there are probably some other vendors who may be able to do that job as good, or maybe even a lot better,’ the Florida governor theorized. ‘I think the legislature is going to look to reevaluate how Florida’s doing that. Of course, our universities can or can’t accept college board courses for credit, maybe they’ll do others.”

DeSantis also said that his position is popular but has been stifled by self-censorship borne out of fear of cancel culture.


“And, you know, many people agree with that in other states, we were just the only ones that had, you know, the backbone to stand up and do it because they call you names and they demagogue you when you do it. I’m so sick of people not doing what’s right because they’re worried that people are going to call them names. We’re doing what’s right here.”

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