DeSantis Spox Bryan Griffin Torches Left-Wing Lies, Takes No Prisoners

DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin is on a roll this week, making lefty heads explode across the country. While the sunshine state continues to attract a record-breaking amount of movers, Democrats are working overtime to try and discredit the ‘Florida Blueprint’ with bogus hit pieces and nonsense “travel advisories.”

But as Griffin showed on Friday, even when liberal activists lie, the numbers don’t.

Since Ron DeSantis’ nail-biter election in 2018, Florida has shot to the top of nearly every national ranking. It is the fastest-growing state in the union, drawings hundreds of thousands of new movers year after year. U.S. News & World Report now ranks the state as number one in higher education. The state’s unemployment rate of 2.6 percent is the lowest out of the nation’s ten largest states.

DeSantis’ policies are so popular that a nearly 20-point margin reelected him. It’s no wonder many Americans are ditching blue America for Florida’s sunny shores.

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But as states like California and New York continue their freefall, Democrats are getting desperate, and their activist stunts are getting more ridiculous by the day.

On Wednesday, the LGBT advocacy group “Equality Florida” went as far as to issue a “travel advisory” for new movers, saying that Florida’s new “dangerous” policies were quite literally stripping people of their “basic human rights.”

As Griffin pointed out, the advisory didn’t accomplish much, given that Florida saw a record-high visitation of more than 137 million people in 2022.

“We’ll see how effective that is,” he wrote, quoting Governor DeSantis.

On Friday, Griffin also went toe-to-toe with the Washington Post.

After the publication’s left-wing editorial board pushed out an opinion piece titled “Freedom is under assault in Ron DeSantis’s Florida,” the press secretary blasted them for their “deceptive” approach, which included omitting comments they had requested from the governor’s office.

“The ed. board, of course, left out most of our response,” Griffin wrote. “So, I’ll share it.”

“Thanks to Governor DeSantis, Florida is #1 in the nation for economic freedom and #1 in the state for freedom in education. And thanks [to] the governor’s agenda, Florida will be free from things like CRT/DEI bureaucracies, ESG scores, and medical authoritarianism that can force ineffective COVID vaccines on people. As a consequence of this agenda, Florida continues to lead the nation in net domestic in-migration.”

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“[Washington Post]: your contempt is a weathervane for being over the target. You are an activist mouthpiece for the progressive agenda of control,” Griffin added.

Earlier in the week, Griffin also took down a reporter from Newsweek after they asked if the governor’s office had “any comment on why Florida is struggling to hire and retain teachers?”

“We’re not. Here’s the data,” Griffin wrote,

“Florida has roughly 185,000 teachers, and the state’s vacancies represented approximately 2.4% of teaching positions per school on average. This does not reflect a ‘struggle to hire and retain teachers.'”

True to Griffin’s fact-checking, not only are Americans flocking to Florida in greater numbers than ever before, but they are also overwhelmingly registering Republican–with no signs of slowing down. In 2018, Florida Democrats outnumbered Republicans by almost 300,000 votes. By November 2022, the pendulum had swung completely, with Republican registration leading by that same margin. Since then, the GOP has continued to add to its lead.

As of April 2023, Florida Republican voters outnumber Democrats by 454,918.

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