DeSantis Sounds Alarm: Democrats Will Destroy America if They Win in 2024

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, tells the nation of a potential Democratic doomsday if Republicans don’t regain control in the 2024 elections. But will he throw his hat into the presidential race? Mum’s the word.

With the stakes higher than ever, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took center stage at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th-anniversary celebration, cautioning conservatives about the potentially dire consequences if Democrats maintain their grip on power after the 2024 elections. In a passionate plea, DeSantis outlined the Democrats’ alleged master plan, which includes packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the Electoral College, granting statehood to Washington, D.C., and dismantling voter ID laws.

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“The left is playing for keeps,” DeSantis warned, painting a bleak picture of America’s future if Democrats manage to secure the presidency, Senate, and House in the upcoming elections. According to the governor, Democrats are ready to exploit their power to “pack the U.S. Supreme Court,” “abolish the Electoral College,” “make Washington, D.C. a state so they can get two left-wing senators virtually for life,” and “eliminate voter ID across the country and mandate ballot harvesting.”

Despite his ominous predictions, DeSantis remained coy about his presidential ambitions, sidestepping any direct reference to a potential run in 2024. Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts, who moderated the event, avoided pressing the governor on the subject. Instead, the conversation took a lighter turn as Roberts asked, “Should everyone wear cowboy boots with suits?” DeSantis, sporting cowboy boots himself, answered in the affirmative.

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Beyond his warnings about the Democratic Party, DeSantis celebrated his accomplishments in Florida, which has shifted from purple to deep red under his leadership. The governor touched on the controversial abortion ban he recently signed, which prohibits abortions after six weeks – a point at which most women are unaware they are pregnant. This legislation has made Florida home to one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws.

Governor Ron DeSantis Pro-life Bill Signing

DeSantis also mentioned another law he signed, allowing Florida residents to carry firearms without a state permit. He reiterated his call for a southern border wall and boasted about his ability to navigate bureaucratic red tape, referencing the swift reopening of the Pine Island Bridge following its destruction by Hurricane Ian. “I’m willing to send those guys in Florida to the southern border to build a wall,” DeSantis declared, challenging President Biden to accept his offer.

After his speech, DeSantis spent several minutes taking selfies, shaking hands, and conversing with the enthusiastic crowd. Heritage Foundation spokespersons reported that over 1,000 people were in attendance to see “America’s governor,” as Roberts introduced him.

Governor Ron DeSantis State of the State

As the 2024 elections inch closer, conservatives like DeSantis are sounding the alarm about the potential consequences of continued Democratic control. Whether or not the Florida governor decides to join the presidential race remains to be seen, but one thing is sure: his passionate speech has struck a chord with conservatives nationwide.

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