DeSantis Shuts Down Leftist Heckler – ‘We’re Not Going to Let You Impose an Agenda on Our Kids’

Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday traded barbs with a heckler at a campaign event in South Carolina, drawing cheers from the audience as he roasted the crazed leftist. While presenting a speech on parental rights on education, he praised his administration’s efforts in defeating left-wing indoctrination in classrooms

“Unfortunately, there’s bad stuff that’s getting into the schools; there’s pornography that’s getting into the schools,” DeSantis told the crowd. “So the parents have had to blow the whistle in Florida.”

The Governor was then interrupted, however, when a woman in the audience stood up and shouted that he was a “f–king fascist” for wanting to protect kids from sexualization in schools.

“We say gay!” the heckler shouted, as the audience loudly booed the outburst.

“Yeah well, thank you, thank you,” DeSantis said, letting loose on the crazed protester.

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“Well, thank you,” DeSantis responded. “We’re not going to let you impose an agenda on our kids. We’re going to stand up for our kids. We’re going to make sure to do it right.”

The Governor’s response drew cheers from the audience.

“That’s what we’re going to do… Those people like that in Florida are the people we beat every single day on policy. We do not let them win. We win all these battles. We’re not letting them indoctrinate our kids. Not on our watch.”

A clip of the exchange posted to Twitter by the DeSantis War Room has been viewed nearly one million times.

“Why is he so angry?” one commenter wrote.

“Shouldn’t everyone be angry at those who advocate to sexualize children?” the War Room said in response.

“The Left is absolutely terrified of Ron DeSantis. They know he will NOT allow them to push their destructive and sick agenda on children.” ~ DeSantis War Room [@DeSantisWarRoom]

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After resuming his speech, DeSantis continued to praise the work his administration has done in the Sunshine State, referring to it as “the number one fastest growing state.” He also attacked President Joe Biden, referencing an incident this week where the 80-year-old took a tumble after a commencement speech at the Air Force academy.

“Leadership is not entertainment… Leadership is not virtue signaling or brand building, leadership is ultimately about producing results for the people you represent.”

While DeSantis has not had to grapple with many protesters so far in his campaign, the incident mirrored another pair of leftists who disrupted one of his speeches in April, while he was helping to raise money for the New Hampshire Republican Party. During his speech to the crowd, two women stormed the stage chanting “Jews against DeSantis,” before being quickly escorted away by security.

“You’ve got to have a little spice in the speech,” he joked afterward.

“You’ve got to have a little fun. Why do you want to pay the ticket for that to get in? But different strokes for different folks.”

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