DeSantis Says Haley ‘Surge’ is Total Bust – ‘She Represents Managed Decline’

Governor Ron DeSantis says the Haley’ surge’ is a total bust.

After months of polling in the single digits, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley received a boost to her numbers this week, with multiple polls suggesting she is now making inroads in Iowa and New Hampshire. News outlets widely report that Haley is gaining momentum this week, but Governor DeSantis says otherwise.

“Her problem is that she doesn’t have a conservative record, she’s an establishment candidate being funded by people like BlackRock, liberal donors in California, [and] liberal Wall Street executives,” DeSantis said in a Monday interview with Fox News Digital. “And they’re not funding her because she’s going to be a change agent, they’re funding her because they know she represents managed decline. She will not do what needs to be done to reverse the decline of this country.”

The Florida Governor is currently campaigning in Iowa, less than four weeks before the caucuses. In an interview with a Fox News reporter, he questioned Haley’s ability to beat former President Donald Trump. He said she did not have the backing of conservative voters.

“She also cannot beat Donald Trump in a one-on-one because she doesn’t have support from conservatives. And so, I think it’s fine that these liberal donors are funding attacks on me, but I would tell Iowans that that just shows I’m over the target. I’m the guy they fear, that’s why they’re coming after me with big money.”

Last week, negative spending against DeSantis topped $30 million, according to data compiled by consultant Rob Pyers. More money has been spent targeting DeSantis than any other candidate.

“Her and Trump have spent over $30 million attacking me. I’m personally not spending any,” DeSantis told the outlet. “I think there’s allies that are hitting back on her because that’s just what you do, I guess, when people come after your guy.”

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A Sunday CBS News poll published Haley in second place among New Hampshire GOP voters. The survey clocked Trump at 45 percent support, Haley at 29 percent, and DeSantis at 11 percent.

In response to reports of Haley’ surging,’ Trump told Newsmax on Monday that the CBS survey was a “fake poll.” According to the outlet, Trump also retorted by citing a FOX News national poll, which showed Haley at 9 percent support among Republican voters.

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While DeSantis faces a brutal battle in New Hampshire, his campaign is focused on winning Iowa.

“What happens in New Hampshire will be significantly impacted by the outcome in Iowa, where the true Trump alternative will emerge,” DeSantis communications director Andrew Romeo said in a statement to ‘The Hill.’

“And when Ron DeSantis comes out in that position, he will be joined by over 60 New Hampshire state legislators who stand ready to take the fight to the establishment and their candidates of yesteryear to return power to grassroots conservatives,”

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