DeSantis Roasts Newsom in His Own Backyard, Delivers Remarks at Ronald Reagan Library

Governor Ron DeSantis visited California on Sunday to promote his new book, tout his record in Florida, and deliver a smackdown to Gov. Gavin Newsom right in his own backyard. The Florida governor was warmly received by more than 1,300 attendees at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

“I know you guys got a lot of problems out here, but your governor is very concerned about what we’re doing in Florida, so I figured I had to come by,” DeSantis told the cheering crowd.

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DeSantis and Newsom have frequently clashed with one another, taking their differences to the national stage. In 2022, Newsom ran a 30-second ad attacking DeSantis as part of the Golden State governor’s reelection campaign. DeSantis returned fire in January, criticizing Newsom for a California law that would revoke doctors’ licenses for spreading COVID “misinformation.”

Both governors oriented their November 2022 victory speeches around the idea of freedom in their state. Newsom has called DeSantis “cruel” and unworthy of respect. DeSantis has suggested that Newsom’s “hair gel is interfering with his brain function.”

The showdown continued over the weekend when Gavin Newsom issued a statement on Saturday ahead of Ron DeSantis’ visit.

“California residents are safer, healthier, and more prosperous than those unfortunate enough to have you as their governor,” he said in a statement directed at the Florida governor. “Oh, by the way, you’re going to get smoked by Trump.”

But the following day, DeSantis did not hold back.

“We’ve witnessed a great American exodus from states run by leftist politicians, and we’ve seen massive gains in states like Florida who are governing in accordance to the tried and true principles that President Reagan held dear.”

Critics have pointed out that Newsom recently embarked on an exodus of his own from California. Just days after declaring a state of emergency due to severe snowstorms, Newsom disappeared from his duties, with his office reporting that he had left the state for “personal travel.” Thousands of Californians are currently stranded in the aftermath of the blizzard.

During his speech, DeSantis also reiterated his support for parents’ rights and attacked attempts by educators to introduce gender theory to elementary classrooms.

“I believe parents in the state of Florida. should be able to send their kids to elementary school without having an agenda jammed down their throats. They should not be teaching a 2nd grader that they can choose their gender. That is wrong, and that is not going to happen in the state of Florida.”

DeSantis’ California trip comes just two days after visiting the state of Texas, where he helped fundraise for the Harris and Dallas County Republican Parties. The governor is currently promoting his new book “The Courage to be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.”

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DeSantis’ speech at the Ronald Reagan Library is the latest in a months-long string of events that have raised the governor’s national profile. Prior to his book tour, he visited New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania in a bid to attract new movers to Florida. Insiders say that DeSantis is inches closer to a 2024 announcement with each new event.

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